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Talking To Your Kids About Cannabis

No description

Jonathan Thompson

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Talking To Your Kids About Cannabis

Talking To Your Kids About Cannabis
Image by Mauricio J. Flores, from "Stinky Steve Explains Cannabis & CPS" (c) 2013
3 Lessons for Navigating a Changing Culture
Jonathan Thompson
Presented by:
Our Story
Be Honest
Be Hopeful
Be Prepared
Come and see...
Share YOUR story...
Find the others...
Learn from the elders...
Learn More @
I always answer every question that Zena has directly and specifically. I try not to say more than I think she wants to know, because I don’t want to scare her or encourage her. I just want to answer her questions. So whenever she might have had a question about drugs, I’d answer it. But, at the same time, she would hear a lot of messages about not smoking, and if she would see us smoking pot or something, then I would have to address that.

--Allyson Grey
Photo from www.COSM.org
Spiritual Growth
As a Medicine
Create new traditions...
Just for Fun
May Not be Good For Kids' Growing Brains
Unless they are using it as medicine under their Doctor's Care
The Dangers of the Drug War
COD (Chief Operating Dad)
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