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Comparison of the circulatory system found in humans, perche

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Michael Kleiman

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Comparison of the circulatory system found in humans, perche

Heart comparison
The Human has 1 heart is divided into 4 chambers. the right ventricle and atrium receive oxygen poor blood, and the left ventricle and atrium expel oxygen rich blood. it is located in between the lungs.
Heart Comparison (perch)
The perch has a two chambered heart: the atrium, that pumps blood into the ventricle, and the ventricle, which turns the blood purple, and stretches out to the rest of the body.
Heart Comparison (worm)
Worms have 5 hearts that work together pump blood to the rest of the body
Major Arteries and veins (worm)
the oxygen from the worm's skin is transported to the heart using the dorsal vessels.
Major arteries and veins (Perch)
the perch has gills that filter out oxygen poor blood into oxygen rich blood. the oxygen rich blood goes to the systematic capillaries for the fish to use up back into oxygen poor blood
Comparison of the circulatory system found in worms, perches, and humans
Michael, Shirley, Brennan
Major arteries and veins (human)
The pulmonary arteries pump oxygen poor blood into the lungs and the pulmonary veins pump oxygen rich blood to the heart to pump to the rest of the body
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