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james bay project

No description

grace mackey

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of james bay project

The James Bay Hydro-Electric Project BY:GRACE and EMILY Advantages- so much electricity is generated by rushing water, AND it is done without polluting the environment. Also they make ALOT of money from the project because, they sell it to buisnesses, oridinary home owners, basically everyone in the province. Whatever is left over they sell to the united states. Another great advantage is the fact it employs so many people.
Disadvantages- The disadvantages of the James Bay Project
are,that the hydro project damaged alot of the communitys,
also there was mercury poisoning to the water . One of the opinions is that the Cree of northern Quebec said that they didn't like the fact that the project demaged their community they didn't think it was worth it. The James bay project has been up and running since 1971 at that time Robert Bourassa was the first person to unveil the first phase of the project but the government and hydro-Quebec initiated the project. The James Bay Project is located in Northern Quebec. The reason why the James bay Project was started was because, well, it was to make hydro. this is a picture of the James Bay Hydro-Electric project. This last part is a video found from 1979 when the James Bay Project was first opened by Rene Levesque...

This next part is just a picture to show you how a typical hyrdro-electric project would work.... This it about where it is located... Thanks for watching :) STAKEHOLDERS: In 1971 the James Bay and Cree faced off over the hydroelectric project. Quebec sees the James Bay Project to become a great success, but the Cree believe the massive development will destroy their traditional way of life. THE 5 W's
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