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Flippin' In

No description

Samuele Chirichiello

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Flippin' In

Flippin' In
Summary 1)
the world of work, business and unfair working conditions

Elaine is the boss of the 58 employees working at Kwik-Bitey World (fast-food restaurant)

Susan and Lynn are two high school students who work part-time

Joe is a twenty-plus year-old employee and single parent of a small child

Maria an immigrant employee with language problems

Elaine expects from all employees full concentration

she is strict and often unfair to her employees
About the play
author: Margaret Anne Chislett

year of publication: 11.2000

was commissioned and first produced by Young People`s Theatre, Toronto, in 1996

won the 1996 Chalmer´s Canadian Play for Young Audiences Award

written specifically for teenagers

is centred around typical fast-food franchise
Main character
16 years old, sporty, trendy and expensive,
About the author
Margaret Anne Chislett was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, 12/22, 1942
Study places were the Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of British Columbia
Most of her plays are written for young people
Her most famous plays are The Tomorrow Box (1980) and Quiet in the Land (1981)
Flippin In won the Chalmers Canadian Play Award for young audiences
Contents :
About the play
Main character
Recommendation ???
List of references
List of references
The novel "Flippin In"
About the play
Main characters
Summary 1)
Summary 2)
Summary 2)
Thank you !
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask !
Topic of the play :
Joe and Maria are in constant fear of being dismissed

they have to provide for their families

Lynn works only to be independent from her parents

Susan has to contribute to her family's income

all employees are dissatisfied with Elaine's management
Summary 3)
Summary 3)
Susan persuade the others to unionize against Elaine

they want to change their working conditions

but Elaine interferes and promises all of them better conditions

the majority backs down and votes against the union

Susan warns everybody not to believe Elaine

finally Elaine breaks all her promises
(to persuade : überzeugen, to unionize : sich gewerkschaftlich organisieren
( to dismiss so. : jmd. entlassen, to contribute : einen Beitrag leisten, dissatisfied : unzufrieden )
This play is for 15-16-year-old puples
Insight into the world of work :
working conditions
why people work
how they cope with unfair management
In my opinion :
the author wants to send us a message
the characters are flat
the author uses easy words
So, I wouldn't read it again
16 years old, also sporty, work in KWIK-BITEY WORLD
ring in nose, pins in ears, studs on jacket (rock and rolling guy)
attractive businesswoman, in her thirties
works with the others KWIK-BITEY WORLD ( a fast food restaurant)
How many children does Joe have ? Is he married?

Where was the author born ?

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