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Javier Balcells

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Apple

Javier B
Javier P
The Thunder Nuggets
Executive Summary

Apple in 1974
Steve Jobs was the heart and soul
Apple faces bankruptcy
The creation of the ipod
Apples name changed
The creation of its innovative products
Question 1
What, historically, have been Apple's competitive advantages?
Question 2
Analyze the personal computer industry. Are the dynamics favorable or problematic for Apple? How powerful are buyers in the PC industry today?
Horizontal and vertical integration

It used its own propitiatory design

This was also why the price was so high on most Apple products.

In the PC industry are the dynamics favorable or problematic for Apple?

When Apple first started making PCs, the profit margins were extremely high. But, recently these profit margins have decreased significantly, recently being less than 5% in 2007.

The majority of PC buyers are home buyers and small/medium businesses; home buyers buy 42% of PCs globally, and small/medium businesses buy 32% of PCs globally.

Most home PC buyers are extremely price conscious, taking into account the cost of the PC that can accomplish all of their required tasks.

How Powerful are the buyers in the PC industry today?

The strength of the PC buyer has basically developed from the PC becoming a commodity-like item.

Buyers have less power when switching costs and brand-loyalties are high. Thus, PC manufacturers can reduce a threat of buyer power by setting apart their products.

But, despite several ways in which manufacturers have set apart their products and found ways to increase switching costs, customers still find PC’s to be very similar and therefore choose primarily on price.

So the bargaining power of buyers can be determined to be strong.
Question 3
How sustainable is Apple's competitive position in PC's?
Apple has held a 1.9% -5% of the PC market for the last 13 years.

Apple has held a 1.9% -5% of the PC market for the last 13 years.

Sales have continued to grow from almost 26 million in 2004 to almost 190 million in 2009
Question 4
How sustainable is Apple's competitive position in MP3 players?
The mp3 player was originally introduced to the public on 1993 and then finalized its final development on 1998, which was and still is its latest development on its patent.

When Apple pushed the iPod in the market it in 2001 it was generally $50-$100 more than the leading competitor at the time, this was due to the flash memory Apple had on each device.

When apple introduced the iPod the average MP3 players had a maximum capability of storing up to 1 hour of music in its device versus the iPod, which held up to 1,000 songs.
By 2010, apple reportedly held more than 70% of the MP3 market in the U.S. Although, the Apple iPod costs more compared to other mp3 players it does more and it’s well worth it.

After iTunes came out in 2003 sales went from 113,00 to 733,00 for iPods sold per quarter.
Question 5
How do you assess Apple's competitive position in smartphones?
Apple’s iPhone is the current leader in the smartphone market and has the potential to stay most profitable among other smartphones for years to come. The release of Apple’s IPhone is the reason for competitor’s losses and reason for change.
App Store Popularity

In about 18 months, 4 billion applications had been downloaded by iPhone users worldwide

In 2009 Apple made about $1 billion dollars in app sales.
Question 6
What are the prospects for the iPad?
The prospects for the iPad are very high; as we can see it is changing the dynamic of many systems and ways we work in today’s workplace.
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