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No description

Keira Kriggs

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Smile

photo time!
If one of your freinds come in bloomy just smiling can change one's mood
Smile's are contagious
if you frown a lot or for a long time you will get wrinkles
smiling when your sick or laughing can help you'll forget about your trouble

smiling builds up your immune system
frowning uses more mustles
smiles relive stress
laughing helps your body fight off diseases
if you frown too often you can die or get really sick
diff.ways to "be happy"
listen to your fav. beat and dance
enjoy the day you have
hang out with friends
help the needy
tell a silly joke
crying vs. laughing


people who laugh can let go of anger and pain easily
laughing increases the bodies essintial antiboddies that helps fight infection
laughing exercises the mustles in the jaw and your stomach
laughing after you wake up is like a cup of coffee
crying releases extra stress hormones that's why you feel better after a good cry
crying is good for you,tears lubricate your eyes and remove irritants
woman cry about 30 to 64 times a year (averagely),however men cry about 6 times a year
when a person cries their first tear from the right eye it means happiness,but if it comes from the left it's pain
We laugh up to 30 times more when we are in the company of others than when we are by ourselves.
laughing is a good work out
for every 15 mins of laughing you can burn 40 calories
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