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Deja John

on 5 May 2014

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Monster.com began as a spin-off from ADION

Monster was officially founded in 1994 by Jeff Taylor

the site was populated with job descriptions from the newspaper segment of Adion's business

the first public job search on the Internet; first public resume database in the world and the first to have job search agents or job alerts.
Reid Hoffman founded it at Dec. 2012

The company is focused on new partnerships that will enable better professional connections

Does not provide the formal set of resume; you can have your own resume patterns

it just like the combination of Facebook, and 1111 or 104 in Taiwan
Acquiring LinkedIn appears to be the most profitable option, despite issues with privacy control.

Additional value for merger :

Internship profile specifically for college graduates to access these opportunities
Offer seminar training
Update the website design (LinkedIn)
LinkedIn continued
Monster launched a new venture which helped users identify and contact other users who might offer career advice or assistance in business development

The company business model focus in four important factors:
Advantages over print ads
Attracting recruits:
Attracting job seekers:
Maintaining relevance between job searches:
Main issue: after the launch the revenue growth was declining

Issues faced:
Privacy act
competition with other sites that offer similar services.
Dependence on the job recruiters for subscription fees; optional for job seekers
Assumption that through categorizing clients it will assure service loyalty
Attracting and retaining new members

They could proceed with their original plans

“Abandon the monthly subscription fee”

Acquire LinkedIn networking

Terminate the networking initiative
Defunct as of 2011
Main Competitors
still a competitor
Group members:
Alejandro Giron # 00660074
Lindbergh Belle # 00660056
Deja John # 00660120
Alejandro Castro # 00660102
Luis Gomez # 00660083
Tatiana Nazare # 00490106
Tatiana Alvin # 00490176
Morris Liu #00131810

Thank you

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