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averys catipult

No description

Avery Rozak

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of averys catipult

Materials wood Nails
a speed advantage would be if the MA is less that one if it is more than one you geat a force advantage you apply force to the movable arm causing tention in the bungee cord, then you let go and the bugee cord snaps back causing the item in the dish to go flying
MA= effort arm divided by load arm to get the MA measure the effort arm and the load arm then divide them How my catapult works Example of my catapult How to get the Machanical Advantage My catapult The catapult is something used to fling an item a wide range. By Avery Rozak my effort arm= 7"
and my load arm= 12" So my MA would = 7
divided by 12 = 0.58 my catapults MA is less than 1 so it would make it a speed advantage
elastic bands
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