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Copy of The Giver Pre Reading

No description

Hilary Simmons

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Giver Pre Reading

Imagine a world without color
Imagine a world in which you feel no pain
What if your whole life was a lie?
The leaders in our novel think they are creating a Utopia
A utopia is a perfect and ideal place to live
On a piece of paper describe and draw an image of your pefect Utopia.
Think about:
Societies, including the one in our book, generally start out as utopias only to become distopias
Make a list of activities you do each day (be complete)
Classify each activity as
1) one that is totally your choice
2) one in which you have some choice
3) one in which you have no choice.
Freedom of choice is not something the characters in our novel get to do much of
Make a list of at least 10 memories you have of your life
5 happy ones and 5 sad ones.
Imagine that you are only allowed to keep one of those memories, which would you keep and why?
Answer "yes" Or "no" to the following questions and why
A society without competition, unemployment, hunger, and jealousy would be an ideal state in which to live.
Parents could raise their children much better if they did not love them so much.
People who are born inferior (mentally or physically challenged) to others and persons who have become too old to be of use in the workplace should be quietly removed from society.
If society could just pick your occupation for you at the age of 12, on the basis of your obvious interests, life would be much simpler, as people would avoid making hard choices about how to spend their lives.
All children should have equal possessions and privileges at a certain age, regardless of the status of their families.
If meals were delivered to homes each night and everyone in town had the same dinner, family life would be a lot better. Parents would not have to shop for groceries or waste time cooking meals.
Families would be much closer if they had to share all their feelings out loud at dinner each night and share their dreams at breakfast every morning.
We should not have to carry bad memories in our heads. It would be much better if all bad things were forgotten.
Music and art are not really necessary things in life. They are just “extras,” and we really could live without them.
Families should not be allowed to have more than two children
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