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Health and Innovation--Healthcamp

No description

dennis li

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Health and Innovation--Healthcamp

Digital Health and Innovation Development
Welcome to join!
Health and Innovation
Health Problems
Health Professionals
Hard to Access
Hard to Afford
Digital Health is a rapid developing field with great opportunities.
Digital Health
Digital Health is the use of technologies and networks by all stakeholders (doctors, patients, and scientists ) to enhance collaboration and personalization, and to reduce the cost of healthcare.
Digital Health in China
What do we need?
The challenge of innovation

High school does not encourage innovation

Innovation needs to be intentionally encouraged
and developed

The course encourages innovation in five ways
Encouraging innovation (1)
Innovation needs independent thinking.

Need to make a double transition:
students from passive recipients to active agents
teachers from authoritative experts to advisors

Focus on: students' independent learning throughout the course
Encouraging innovation (2)
Innovation needs challenges

Innovation typically comes as a response to problems faced or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Focus on: finding usable solutions to real challenges in digital health.
Encouraging innovation (3)

Innovation needs cooperation

Most modern innovative developments are too big for an individual, especially with digital technology

Focus on: teamwork throughout.
Encouraging innovation (4)

Innovation needs good communication

People need to be persuaded of the benefits

Focus on: both inter-team and intra-team
Encouraging innovation (5)
Innovation requires software support

Complexity of task and amounts of information usually mean purely manual approaches are inadequate
Focus on: the use of three typical software tools to support complexity and innovative working.
Digital Health and Innovation Development
Principles of course
1. Independent learning

2. Real problems

3. Group working

4. Effective communication

5. Modern technology

6. Reflective evaluation
Ingredients of course
1. Introduction
2. Information acquisition (groups A, B, C, D)
2.1 Survey of specific digital health area
2.2 Communication to other groups
3. Innovative project (groups W, X, Y, Z)
3.1 Brainstorming problems and possible solutions
3.2 Detailed solution proposal
3.3 Presentations and feedback
4. Reflective evaluation
4.1 Mid-term
4.2 End of term
Reflective Thinking
Digital Health is an umbrella term which incorporates overlapping technologies and approaches

This course divides Digital Health into 4 categories:
eHealth, telehealth, mHealth, and wearables
Course Framework
Reflective Thinking

MOTIVE: Educational Assumptions
Digital Health needs medical professionals

Digital Health needs innovation
Visiting Speakers
Innovation needs enough time
innovation needs adequate skills (medicine, technology, design, business etc.)
innovation needs direction and atmosphere
Last 2 classes in this semester
Further Developments
sustainable course model:
education, recruitment, incubation

course strategic partners:
entrepreneurs, NPO, Charity.

course teacher: Dennis Li
phone: 13466552780
email: dennislyf@gmail.com
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