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No description

Keira Kriggs

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Feelings

a smile
smile- smiling is when you are truly smiling it affects certain mustles and makes you feel happy,and when this occurs your brain sends happy signals aka endorphins
fun facts
smilling helps you live longer by releiving stress
smiling when your sick or laughing can help you'll forget about your trouble
If one of your freinds come in bloomy just smiling can change one's mood
smilling builds up your immune system
people with a short fuse and it's hard for them to let go of it can lead to the likeliness of suffering from heart diseases and strokes
letting out your anger on other people just makes everything worse
laughing at anger can difuse the emotion so your body won't be harmed
anger teaches us the ability to cope/manage(deal with something difficult
aggression is the next step to being angry so stop yourself before
anger vs. tears
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