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The Catcher in the Rye (Places Holden Visits)

English Presentatoin

Ricardo Perez

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of The Catcher in the Rye (Places Holden Visits)

From : The Catcher In The Rye Places Holdon Visits He daydreams about where the ducks in Central Park South go when the lagoon freezes.
Address: 14 E 60th St, NYC, NY 10022 Penn Station Central park The Zoo Mr. Antolini was a favorite teacher of Holden's at an earlier school. He goes to Mr. Antolini's apartment because he needs a place to stay for the night. He trusts Antolini, and is comfortable with him. This changes during the visit Antolini's Broadway Theater Grand Central Terminal Museum of Natural History Holden loves the museum of Natural History because it does not change. Also its the place where Holden went to look for his sister
It's still there Central Park West at 79th Street New York, NY 10024-5192 Metropolitan Museum of Art He goes to Phoebe’s school and writes her a note telling her to meet him at the Museum of Art so he can return the money she lent him
Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue New York, NY Carrousel Holden and Phoebe are at the park and when she is riding he realize that he has to let Phoebe experience her own failures when she trys to get the golden ring for a free ride.
About 250,000 people take a ride on the Central Park Carousel every year. Holden was going to leave and Phoebe wants to leave with him. He feels dizzy and worries that he will pass out again. He tells her that she cannot possibly go with him and feels closer to fainting. She gets angry and refuses to look at him. Holden asks her to go back to school and she angrily refuses, and he offers to take her to the zoo.
Its located at The Wildlife Conservation Society 2300 Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY 10460 The Lake In one scean Holden stays at the bar and gets very drunk. He decides to walk to the duck pond in Central Park to see if the ducks are still around.
It's still there located at 102 and CPW, New York, NY 10019 Edmont Hotel/ The Seton Hotel Holden then arrives at Edmont Hotel after getting off the train to new york and taking a taxi. However, this hotel is fictional. (There is only one hotel in the book that still exists until this day, the Seton). The Wicker Bar At the Wicker Bar, which is located in the posh Seton Hotel, Holden thinks about Luce. After the show he begins walking to the Wicker Bar, where he is supposed to meet Luce. Holden's Home Holden decides to return to his family's apartment because he wants to see his sister, Phoebe. He also planed to see his old teacher, Mr. Antolini. Seeing them helps with the feelings of wanting to commit suicide. Radio City ice Rink He agrees to take Sally ice-skating at “Radio City” (Radio City Music Hall) where there is an ice-skating rink for there date. This is the real place in New York Biltmore Hotel Holden goes to meet Sally at the Biltmore Hotel. Although he doesn't feel like going through with the date, he still catches a cab to meet Sally at the Biltmore Hotel as planned. Phoebe's School Holden leaves a note at Phoebe's school. It says: "I can't wait around till Wednesday any more so I will probably hitch hike out west this afternoon. Meet me at the Museum of art near the door at quarter past 12 if you can and I will give you your Christmas dough back. Holden and his friend Mal Brossard decide to take a bus into Agerstown to see a movie even though Holden hates movies. Holden convinces Mal to let Ackley go with them. He started walking towards Broadway, just for the hell of it because he hasn't been there for years. Holden walks into a record store and buys a jazz recording of "Little Shirley Beans" for his younger sister Phoebe. Restaurant Holdon wanted to get some breakfast. He wasn't all that hungry but he just wanted something to eat. He started to walk east and found a cheap restaurant because he didn't want to spend alot of money. After leaving Mr. Antolini’s, Holden goes to Grand Central Station and spends the night sleeping on a bench in the waiting room. 5th Avenue The next day, after sleeping on a bench in the waiting room at Grand Central Station, he walks up and down Fifth Avenue watching the children and feeling more and more nervous and overwhelmed. Every time he crosses a street, he feels like he will disappear, so each time he reaches a curb, he calls to Allie, pleading with his dead brother to let him make it to the other side. The first thing he does when he arrives at Penn Station is go into a phone booth, with the intent to call somebody, but he can't figure out who to call, so instead he takes a cab to the Edmont Hotel and gets a room.
Ernie's Ernie's was the nightclub that his brother D.B use to go quite frequently before he went to Hollywood.
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