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DE100 Presentation: Myths and Facts about Psychology

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Ana León-Mejía

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of DE100 Presentation: Myths and Facts about Psychology

Myths and facts about psychology
To begin with, Psychology is much more than just psychoanalysis
Experiments are very important in science
Change your vision of Psychology!
Psychologists take their job very seriously
What's on a man's mind
Now, tell me about your degree, child psychology, wasn't it?
It is also about answering some weird questions:
Do people do harm to others as a result of their personality or is there something about the situation that makes them behave aggressively?
Psychology give us lots of insights into real problems
DE100 Presentation
All conclusions about behavior that psychology draws are derived from scientific evidence
This course will provide you an introduction to the most important topic that there is: us
Have fun!
It is not possible to study ourselves by just looking at the mind
Psychology is not the only discipline that can help us to unravel the mind
Psychology is the science whose findings have the most implications for other sciences
Is its orientation towards helping people what makes psychology so unique?
Yes it is about helping, but not only...
We need many other domains if we are to understand human thought and behavior
Time managament tips:

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