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Blessed Isidore Bakanja

No description

Chelzee Dela Cruz

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Blessed Isidore Bakanja

Blessed Isidore Bakanja
Beginning of His life
Feast Day: August 15

Born: 1887, Northeast Republic of the Congo

Died: 8/15 August 1905

Beatified: 24th April 1994 by Pope John Paul 2nd
He was born in the Northeast of Zaire in sometime between 1885 and 1890. He was attracted to Christ when he was 18 years of age.
Table of Contents
1. Information
2. Beginning of his Life
3. What, Why, Where was his job?
4. His punishment
5. Death of Blesses Isidore Bakanja
6. His Virtues he lived by and How to use them in our daily life
7. What suggestions could you make to influence social changes.
8.CONT. How would you go though about this process?
9. What social injustice would you have faced?
10. Refrences
How would you go through about this process
Be open to sharing: By helping others first before you. Always able to give things, even if you don't want to share them.

Be forgiving: Always be preapared to forgive people you don't like becasue having grudges in the world isn't a happy world

Love your enemies: If all the poeple in the world were your friends, then there would be definitely no social hardships.
What, Why, Where was his job?
Bakanja left his native village because he wanted to find a place where no people belived in God, and he decide to preach the word of God to the athiests. He found an employment with the agent of a Belgian company that controlled the rubber plantations( rubber factory) in the region, they let him in and was hired as a domestic boy.
His Virtues he lived by and how to live them
Courage: Because he sacrificed himslef for God and was brave to take his punishment from the agents, who brutally abused him.

Patience: Because he wanted to make preach the word of God to the people who didn't belive in God.
His Punishment
All the agents in the company began to despise Bakanja because his practice of Christianity. He began to experience hatred from the agents, because he was preaching to some of the employers about God, and the agents despised God. He was told to stop teaching his fellow workers how to pray and to discard his scapular which he did not. So the agents brutally abused Bakanja and ripped his scapular of Bakanja's neck
Death of Blessed Isidore Bakanja
What social injustice would you have faced? (CONT.)
If everyone in the world was happy and forgiving there would be no need for jails and people would trust each other.

You could also face percecution by having a differen skin color, being adopted or your own religion like Blessed Isidore Bakanja who was abused by the agents of his own religion.
After Bakanja was banished from the village, he abused by the agents and he had to drag himself into the forest. The Inspector saw him and aided him. He tried to heal Bakanja, but he felt death in his bones. He told the Inspector 'I am dying, because I am a Christian.' Then he died either on 8th or 15th August 1909, rosary in hand and the scapular of Our Lady of Mt Carmel around his neck.
What suggestions could you make to influence social changes?
Be open to sharing
Be forgiving
Love you enemies
How to live these virtues in our Daily Lives
Courage: To sacrifice little things for God, like when we want to go somewhere and Mum doesn't allow you, don't whine.

Patience: To be patient with our siblings whenever they are annoying us. Also to be patient with our parents, because if they call you, and you say 'One second', you can stop what your are doing and go to your parents
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