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Shane Dawson

No description

Dustin Burchfield

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson
By Sequoria Brewer and Jesse Escamilla

Shane Lee Yaw was born in Long Beach, California July 19 1988. As a teenager he was highly overweight. He was beaten by his alcoholic father who eventually abandoned his family. Shane was bullied at school. Years later he lost 150 lbs.and became interested in making videos. One day he made a video of himself at work and got fired. 2 weeks later The Fine bros. (A famous youtube channel) called and offered him a job. Shane later changed his name to Shane Dawson (after his favorite actor in the movie titanic Jack Dawson) He now makes funny videos for entertainment
Life of Shane Dawson
Shane made a hit song called "Superluv."
Shane was in the movie "Smiley"
Shane won the "best vlogger award" 2010.
Shane won "choice web star" at teen choice awards 2010.
Shane made another song called "The vacation song"
He is trustworthy
He is responsible
He can listen to problems
He is a fast thinker
Leadership Qualities
He has an emotional connection with his fans
He is a great youtuber
He is funny
where we got this information.
Artist Wiki
Teen Idols For you
Song On lyrics Biography
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