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Public Sector Leadership Theory: An Assessment

No description

Katie Wells

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Public Sector Leadership Theory: An Assessment

College:College of Business and Public Administration
Department:Public Administration

Director of the Center of Public Service at Texas Tech University.

Research focused on administrative ethics, public management, human resources management, and leadership.

Ph.D. in Public Administration. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. May, 1990.

Master of Arts in Teaching. Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR. 1981. Bachelor of Arts. Franklin and Mar
shall College, Lancaster, PA. 1973.
Montgomery Van Wart
Types of Leaders
(Burns, Bass, Bennis and Nanus, Tichy and Devanna)
Leaders help innovate and develop change.
Inspire trust in people
Long-term perspective
Challenge status quo
Help others achieve which allows the organization to achieve
(Conger and Kanungo, Meindl)
Influence of individuals
Specific behaviors that inspire action in individuals
(Peters and Austin, Champy)
Urged leaders to make processes and cultural changes that would improve productivity
Promotes compliance through rewards and punishments for employees
Mainstream Leadership Themes
Administrative Leadership
Definition: "Leadership from the frontline supervisor (or even lead working) to the nonpolitical head of the organization". Focus not on elected officals but on elected executives and political designees or legislatively approved individuals.
Montgomery Van Wart
Public Sector Leadership Theory: An Assessment
Importance of Leadership Research
Challenges for research
Reason for neglect of research
Great man thesis
1940s long list of traits held by leaders
Situational contexts
Consideration of employees
Lower levels
Transformational leaders
The Big Questions of Leadership Literature
Does leadership make a difference?

Are leaders born or made?

Which is the best leadership style?

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