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City In C Minor

No description

james lee

on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of City In C Minor

City In C Minor
written by: Stephanie Ye

Emma is shown to be an ardent fan of the classical music genre, inspired by the world, famous orchestra conductor after being attracted to the 'photo of the cellist in the concert advertisement'; 'the glamor of the young man's bow tie and shoulder-length mane'.

Coming from a humble background, she has to work her way up the music industry by initially 'taking cello lessons' and soon enough, 'acing all her exams with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music'. Moreover, though she 'never became good enough to be the section leader' but she was still able to gain a place at a 'prestigious university in New York City'. This suggest that Emma was not only diligent but ambitious in her pursuit towards the cello and classical music.

She is also swept up and awestruck by the 'big American city' being a foreigner and all. And, is 'distracted by her studies'. Implying she may be a slight country bumpkin, shes not used to the bustle of the city considering the difference between the small country of Singapore and America. Hence, illustrating a naive and innocent side to her.

Additionally, Emma is extremely passionate regarding her interest for the classical music as she was entranced by the music produced from the cello: ' Yet the notes that reached her ears were loud and pure and resonated through her entire being, as if she were the hollow body of the cello itself, filling her with a swollen longing for a world she had never seen.', implying a strong desire for her longing to play the cello.

City in C minor by Stephanie Ye is an intriguing piece about a Singaporean who goes to study abroad in New York. The central axis of the story is the protagonist Emma's interest in the cello- both learning it(even though her father struggles to find the funds for her to do so) and her fascination with a world famous cellist's career trajectory and the parallels with her own life.
Emma gives away her music, "distracted by her studies and the other attractions a big American city has for a young foreigner." but it is through following the cellist's career, she discovers startling realizations about herself as a Singaporean away from home and the distance she has come, "somewhere far, far, beneath her feet, clinging like stalactites to the underside of the globe, is Singapore
It is noon, the egg yolk sun suspended beneath this upside-down city ringed by upside-down waters...She feels, for the first time since she arrived here, the vast distance she has travelled from home."
Presented by: Inez,Megan and James
Plot Summary

Emma's father is a highly devoted father who is willing to go to the extent to attempt to 'quit smoking' as well as to 'scrimp' for his daughter's sake; to pay for his daughter's cello teacher.

Moreover, despite his puzzlement with her daughter for wanting to take up cello lessons and her sudden interest in the classical music: '
Her request to take cello lessons was initially met with incredulity by her father, then anxiety, as he berated himself for not having the money to buy her an instrument – if he knew where to get one in the first place.' Yet, he was still supporting and encouraging her passion, caring more about raising the money to help his daughter further her interests in the classical music. This suggest his deep love for his daughter that he would do anything to ensure his daughter that their financial difficulty does not affect her ambition nor does it reduced her chance of furthering her pursuit in the classical music

Emma's Father
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