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Create Amazing Digital Stories Easily with Green-screen Effects and an iPad

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Katie Ann

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Create Amazing Digital Stories Easily with Green-screen Effects and an iPad

Plan Your Story
Create a Storyboard
Write a Script
Write a Short Story
Create Amazing Digital Stories Easily with
Setting Up the App
Veescope Live (Free Version - Will have a Watermark)
Veescope Live Full Version = $2.99
Putting it All Together
Illustrating Your Own Images
I have my students create illustrations with Google Draw.

You can use any app that allows students to draw and save their creations to the iPad camera roll.
You Do Not Need
a Green-Screen
Any Solid Color Wall Will Work
Writing the Story
I have my students write their stories in Google Docs.

They only share the shareable link in Edmodo with me. They also give me the ability to comment.
Green-screen Effects and an iPad
Once you have your story, your images or video clips start recording and putting your story all together.
Pick Still Images or Video Clips from your iPads Camera Roll
You can Choose several different images or video clips to use as your backgrounds. This way you can have several different scenes for your digital story.
by - Katie Ann Wilson
To record your video press the Circle Icon.

If using more than one background you will have to adjust the transition.
Your recording will be saved to your iPad camera roll.
Twitter - @katieann_76
Blog - http://diaryofatechiechick.com
Website - http://www.KatieAnnWilson.com
Student Examples:
Use a Tripod for your iPad.
Save all background images and video clips to the iPad's camera roll.
Practice recording so you get an handle on how the "Keying" works.
Record in a quiet place.
Project Ideas
Digital Stories
Book Reports
History Reports
Research Projects
Math Procedures
Science Projects
Augmented Reality Projects
Flipped Classroom
Green-screen Effects and an iPad
Create Amazing Digital Stories Easily with
by - Katie Ann Wilson
Titan Pad:
YouTube Resource:
Using a wireless keyboard to change background images.
To stop recording press again it will turn black.
To view your recording press the preview icon.
To start recording press the Red Button.
You can even use Mini Green-Screens
Take the #TechieEdu Green-Screen Challenge
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