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Demola general presentation

No description

Riina Pulkkinen

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Demola general presentation

Hopes are on you confidence in one's capabilities Professional development building capacity to assess one's strengths, weaknesses and outputs imroving technical skills => Personal development Eagerness and ability to learn Getting familiar with the corporate culture Value and effect
to the whole society Social skills Adaptation and flexibility Sense of responsibility
and work ethics MacGyverism sense of humor Twisted Team working capabilities,
also in international enviroment The team could In Interaction communicate give support co-operate In Organizing the project Share the work load equally Combine the strenghts of the team members
Eagerness to learn
and teach
be open minded fresh spirit Sense of responsibility Be Flexible Friendly atmosphere Giving and receiving feedback
in productive ways Synchroninzing work hours and schedules - at the same time at the same place Partners Technical support HW / SW Feedback, healthy amount of guidance, presence When, how and how often to contact Sense of humor and understanding Clarity with company's
expectations for the project Demola community Physical enviroment and other beverages Project support Personal guidance and training Nice co-workers, new friends and contacts
Social enviroment Business insights Working freedom Group activities Technical support Developing team work skills, pitching skills etc.
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