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The Wells Project

No description

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The Wells Project

-Our proposal has been approved!
-Now we need to start working on the filtration system
-Things we need
1) 2 liters of swamp water (Alicia has a swamp in her backyard or we could add 1 cup of dirt to 2 liters of water)
2) 2 two liter plastic bottle (Alicia has the other 2)
3) Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate found in spice isle)
4) 1.5 cups of fine white sand (beach sand)
5) 1.5 cups of coarse sand (multi-purpose sand)
6) 1 cup of small pebbles
Spring Fest Event
-Our Recycling event has been approved for Spring Fest!
-We still have to EVR the event on our own though
-Need to print out the 'What can be recycled' signs from TerraCycle to place next to bins
Canal Sweep
-In conjunction with ESW/ SEAL
-When? one day between April 25-27
-Same days as SpringFest...
-Pick up trash at a designated location
-It is a lot of fun!
-Sign up on the email sent out earlier today
-Not quite sure which day it is, I will email and get a specific date, but if you are definitely interested then sign up

Rube Goldberg
-We really need to get these boxes done!
-Pick a day (maybe the week we get back from Spring break?)
-I sent out a sign up sheet so we all know who is bringing what (it is okay to bring more than one of something like scissors)
Powder Puff Fall 2014
-Did we assign co-chairs for this position?
-If not please vote on them
-Co-chairs should email the PR for ASA so they know we are interested in doing the tournament again and if they would like to help us again next year
Description of our Event
Bring your recyclables to Springfest and The Wells Project @ RIT will recycle them through the company TerraCycle. Place your recyclable items into the marked containers. Acceptable items are foil-lined wrappers, empty personal care containers (ie empty make-up containers, shampoo, conditioner, face wash), cheese packaging, hummus containers and more! TerraCycle awards points for recycling specific items and for every 300 points we earn, a year supply of fresh water will be provided to a person who lacks clean water.
-We need to gather:
-As many boxes as we can
-Alicia has about 5 or 6 but they are all smallish
-Printed 'What can be recycled' from TerraCycle website for each brigade
-Other art supplies to make the boxes look festive yet professional (i.e. scissors, sharpies)
The Wells Project
General Meeting 3/19/14

Imagine RIT
Simple Water Filtration
May 3rd 10AM-5PM
Take it away George and Ben
Open Houses
-Someone has to be there for each hour
April 5th 12-3pm
April 12th 12-3pm
-If you are interested in tabling a sign-up sheet will be sent out for selected dates
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