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All Fall Down By: Ally Carter

No description

Paige Smith

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of All Fall Down By: Ally Carter

All Fall Down By: Ally Carter
Presentation by: Paige Smith
Chapters 1-5
Grace is 16 and has been moved back to the American Embassy on Embassy Row. Everyone expects her to be like her mom, perfect and princess like. She was 13 when her mother was killed. Grace was sure of 3 things, 1. She is not crazy, 2. Her mother was murdered and 3. She will find the killer and make them pay. When Grace arrives at the Embassy they expect her to be the little girl she used to be, she stayed in her mom's old room. Later, She had a tour of Embassy row from Noah who is her new best friend. They go to a back party and his friend Megan's favorite scarf gets stuck on the Iran Embassy's flag pole so she jumps off the cliff and into the water. She then enters the forbidden gate to the Iran' building.
Chapters 30- 37
She rushed back and told her friend Alexei about what happened. He took her to where they used to always sit and Grace told him everything. Alexei agreed to help because he too believed her. The American Embassy was then holding a party where the five of them (Grace, Alexei, Noah, Rosie and Megan) kept an eye on the Scared man who was called Dominic. Grace had then seen something black and shiny in Dominic's hand so she jumped on him and it turns out it was only his phone. Grace had then seen the doctor and was told to stay in her room while she was on the medication that tried to make her less crazy. Grace Then went into her mothers closet and through a book at the wall. Many pictures of Grace's Mother and Dominic fell out revealing that Dominic used to date her mother. Mrs. Chancellor then told grace that her mother's death was accident and the Scared Man did not kill her. In fact he didn't even have a scar then. When Grace awoke the nex day, she was in a stone tower locked up so she punched a hole in the wall and used her sweater and the cable wire to get back to the party. There Dominic picked her up and took her back to the Embassy then handed her 2 passports, hers and his.
Chapters 35-38 (end)
Chapters 6-11
Grace races up the falling building to the flag pole wear the scarf fluttered in the wind. She quickly grabbed the scarf and raced down the flights of stairs till on creaked. There was a hole in the floor were 3 suspicious men stood, all were wondering what the noise was. Grace had a bad gut feeling about them, she got out as quick as possible. What were they doing there in the forbidden building? About a week later after the incident, it was time for the annual ball the her Grandpa always went to. Her old best friend that had met when she was little helped Mrs. Chancellor (who was in charge of Grace at the Embassy) thought her what she needed to know from etiquette to dancing. She learned all the silver ware and how to formally eat. Then they moved on to dresses. Grace tried on her mother's old pink ballgown and it was the perfect fir. She learned to dance with Noah and later that week she went to the ball. Grace and her Grandpa walked down the red carpet as they were introduced. When they met the princess, Grace and the princess were immediately friends. The princess was her mom's best friend. In these chapters, Grace learned what it was like to follow in her mother's footsteps and continued to do so. Grace thought her friend went down a hallway so she followed and saw the 3 men again. They sensed her presence so she hid when all of a sudden she catches a glimpse of her mother's killer.
Chapters 24-29
Once Grace had followed the Scared Man, she knew that she had to discover all of the tunnels. Then, she went back down the tunnles and tried to retrace her steps. Although she could not find where she had followed him before, she ended up in the Iranian Embassy where she had saw the scared man and 2 others meeting the first time. The door creaked while she was in there. Grace saw her opportunistic to grab the Scared Man. She took the hand behind the door, pulled them through and pushed them to the ground. It was Noah followed by Rosie and Megan. They had followed her through the maze of tunnels but they only found her because Megan had put tracking device in her sweater. After they agreed that the tunnels were useless for now. They went to the Scared Man's home and set up cameras but even though he was meant to be away, he had come back so they made a quick emergency exit through the skylight. Later that week Grace was walking home when she felt the urge to stop and look up. "Hello, Grace." the Scared man said with a slight smirk.
Chapters 12-17
Once Grace had seen the man, she, rushed back to the party where Noah escorted her to a taxi. Grace started to hear her mother's voice in her head telling her to run she jumped out of the taxi and ran down the cobble stone path back to her room in the US Embassy. She told Mrs. Chancellor and her Grandfather but they told her what she has always been told her whole life, "It was an accident, the fire killed her." Grace knew it wasn't true so she went to Noah. Noah was the only one to believe Grace. Ever. Grace and Noah went to Mrs. Chancellor to see if they could get the guest list of the people at the ball. When she didn't allow them, they realized that they ahd no back up plan. Megan see's them so she asks what was going on and if she could help. The broke into Mrs. Chancellor's office and Megan hacked the computer and retrieved the video of the guest going through the security devices. Noah and Grace go back to where Noah's bedroom (the Brazilian Embassy) and start watching the disk. In these chapters, Grace see's the an clearly and Know that Noah is the one person who will believe her. Due to the fact that Noah really cares about Grace, Grace has started to fall for Noah which is what Mrs. Chancellor is trying to make happen.
Chapters 18-23
That night, Grace wants to speak to her Grandfather but Mrs. Chancellor tries to stop her. When she sees her Grandpa at midnight the Scared Man is with him. She is told that he is a security guard for the prime minister but Grace knows he is much more. Her and Noah decided to follow him but in that process, they ran into a 12 year old girl called Rosie. Rosie was the most spy like person ever and helped them hunt the man own. One day, when Grace was on her own she saw him, she saw the Scared Man. He went into an alley, down a ladder to under ground passage ways and briefly walked towards a room. Grace hear the man say that there were many ways that could die like and picking one wouldn't be hard. They were going to make their next move, Grace couldn't control herself. She started sprinting down the passage way till she found a ladder. It was not the same ladder she had gone down. When she went up the ladder the Scared Man was coming closer and closer to her so she banged multiple times until the trap door swung open. Grace had ended up in the Korean Embassy. When her Grandfather and Mrs. Chancellor found out, they apologized to the Ambassador. When they returned back to their own Embassy, they wanted to know what happened. She told them it was raining and she fell down a hole when really she followed the man. Not only that, but Noah's sister told Grace to stay away from him. In these chapters Grace was influenced by the Scared Man. He knew her Grandpa and her Grandpa called him his friend. Grace is now determined to find the killer.
Chapter 38 (end)
The Prime Minister the grabs grace and wont let her go. He then asks Dominic why Grace isn't dead. Once he lets Grace go, Dominic tell her to come to him but she refuses. Mrs. Chancellor then comes and shoots the Prime Minister's shoulder. When Grace wakes up the next day, she goes into Mrs. Chancellors office and sees her mother's death certificate stating she was shot in the chest. Dominic did not shoot her mother but that past night he told Grace to dig deeper and see what actually happened, to search through all of the lies she had been told. Grace finally knew the truth. She shot her own mother while trying to protect her from Dominic even though he was only trying to help. Mrs. Chancellor then walks in, "Grace, you weren't meant to see that." Mrs. Chancellor tells Grace that Dominic had been hired to kill her but he loved her too much that he created a set up. The plan was to take her mother into hiding but when she was little she tried to shoot Dominic but missed. When Grace had returned to Embassy Row and knew that Dominic did it so he was ordered to kill Grace too but once again he couldn't due to love. The plan that time was to escape to another country and change identities so that's why they had the passports. Mrs. Chancellor then told Grace her mother had many things that she could tell nobody. They both go down in the tunnels and Grace is bought into a new very well hidden room. Mrs. Chancellor says, "Come Grace, you have much to learn."
This book ended on a cliffhanger because there are 2 more books about this. In the last section Grace knew more than she ever has since her mother died and she is just one step closer to discovering even more. All of the characters in this novel have impacted Grace in one way or another and without them Grace would have never found the truth.
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