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Zachary Swan

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Naz

Click on the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner, then the allow button at the top in the black box. (Links will open behind presentation)

Use the arrows to move forward or backward to any slide.

If you need to get a closer look at any information, place the curser over the information and use the scroll wheel to zoom in.

To move up and down while on a document, simply click, hold, and move the mouse in the direction you want to move. How to Navigate the Orientation If you are a returning student to Nazareth, start by reading the PDF on the next screen to see what is different as a graduate student!

If you are a new student, the orientation will begin after the PDF ! You can use the scroll on your mouse or the up/down arrows on your keyboard to zoom on documents TIP! Searching For Classes Searching For Classes Smyth Hall *

Graduate Student Services
Graduate Assistantships
Financial Aid
Student Accounts Home of: Graduate Student Services

First point of contact for all questions

Coordinate Graduate Assistantships

Processes all adding/dropping of courses and Transcript Requests Meet The Team! Alison Teeter Zach Swan Doug Barton Diana Krenzer Director/Associate Registrar
(585) 389-2818 Data Records Coordinator
(585) 389-2819 Student Services Representative
(585) 389-2816 Academic Support Services
(585) 389-2802 Registrar
(585) 389-2801 Andrew Morris Associate Registrar
(585) 389-2806 Assistant to the Registrar
(585) 389-2804 Bill Ellison Lisa Ferrin This is the office that serves as your primary source of support for registration, petitions, enrollment verifications, and resolution of issues throughout your program. If you have questions and don't know who to call -- start with GSS! Call us at (585) 389-2819, email gradservices@naz.edu, or visit us in Smyth 1. http://www.naz.edu/graduate-student-services/ Here you will find information about assistantships, programs, registration, and important forms you will need. Student Services Website The things we do.. Why it Matters Graduate Assistantships Graduate assistantships are part-time jobs in campus departments that provide financial support and valuable experience to graduate students. Assistantships are exciting opportunities for graduate students to support faculty/staff in the areas of research, special projects, and with administrative duties. http://www.naz.edu/graduate-student-services/assistantships Graduate Assistantship Instructions: NazLink * you should access this account before the first day of class to ensure you have an opportunity to apply to your preferred assistantship! The staff of this office provide comprehensive information about the process of obtaining student loans and negotiating the financial aid process. ffice of Financial Aid
Some fast facts ...
9 credits per term = full time at the grad level
6 credits per term is the minimum credits required for loan eligibility Why It Matters! Help negotiating financial aid process

Processes FAFSA and award loan money

Provide Direct Loan & Grad Plus loan counseling plus track Master Promissory Notes Graduate students have several options for paying their tuition, and the staff of this office support the payment process. ffice of Student Accounts (Bursar) http://www.naz.edu/student-accounts Why it Matters! Pay your tuition through this office

Coordinated the Employer Sponsored Tuition Plan

Refund timeline for loan surplus money One of the keys to success is getting a barcode on your college ID at the circulation desk. This will allow you to check out books and connect with electronic resources off-campus. As a graduate student, you can also obtain an ACCESS card to use at other area libraries.

The Reference Department answers questions in person, via phone and by e-mail. They also offer a service that will perform online searches to help you find information for your courses, and will personally help you in developing strategies for effective searches.

The library offers an outstanding interlibrary loan service, which will borrow articles and books for you from around the world. They can also collect books from the stacks and have them waiting for you at the circulation desk, as well as scan articles from the print journal collection and send them to you via email. Just sign up for an account in Illiad.

In addition, the Media Center offers a wide variety of hardware and software for your use. Two services popular with graduate students are printing posters for presentations and the loan of video and digital cameras. Staff can help you edit
video and still photos in the editing lab. The Lorette Wilmot Library and Media Center welcome you to Nazareth! The staff are committed to helping you find the information you need to be a success in your graduate program. A visit to the library should be one of your first stops on the Nazareth campus. Why it Matters! You need a barcode on the back of your ID to use many online services at home

If we don't have it, Interlibrary Loan service can get it for you.

The reference department can create custom lists of resources for your papers! * Career Services
Student Activities
The Roost
The Cabaret
Swimming Pool
Campus Safety
The Forum Home of the.. Shults Center The Office of Career Services is located in the Shults Center. The staff of this busy office meet with over 1,000 students and alumni each year. They are known for their student-centered philosophy and individualized approach. In addition to individual appointments related primarily to resume support, job search and the interview process, in Career Services you can establish a Credential File, into which you can place letters of recommendation that many of you will need as part of the job search process.

Career Services also has comprehensive on-line support, including NazLink, an electronic job posting resource that you can use as a student as well as after you complete your program. Career Services http://www.naz.edu/career-services/career-services From obtaining your parking permit and ID card to providing emergency services, officers and staff make the campus a safe and welcoming place. Campus Safety http://www.naz.edu/campus-safety 1. Email jpeg image to nazid@zimbra.naz.edu (head/shoulder shot, with a solid background)

2. Students must also scan and attach a copy of either their driver's license or other school/work ID that has a photo on it, so that Campus Safety can verify the name and face prior to placing it in our ID system. This helps ensure the integrity of the system.

3. If there are any problems with uploading your image, Campus Safety will contact you via email.

4. Campus Safety will send you an acknowledgment that they received the image and are processing the ID card.

5. Remember, ID cards will be mailed to students approximately two weeks prior to the start of the term. Why it Matters Issues parking permits

Escort Services & Campus blue lights

Take your ID Picture and give you ID card EMAIL YOUR PREFERRED PICTURE! Health Services http://www.naz.edu/health-services In addition, Health Services has assembled information from a number of NYS colleges to make this process easier for you. Most colleges require a signed release that is available on their website.

Phone: (607) 871-2400
Fax: (607) 871-2631
Will not fax/will only mail to student

Phone: (585) 395-2414
Fax: (585) 395-2559

Phone: (716) 829-3316
Fax: (716) 829-2579

Phone: (716) 878-6711
Fax: (716) 878-6727

Phone: (607) 753-4811
Fax: (607) 753-2486
Online/ MyRedDragon

Phone: (585) 394-3500 X 7297
Fax: (585) 394-5005
Will not fax/will mail or must pick up

Phone: (716) 673-3131
Fax: (716) 673-4722
Not online Proof of selected immunizations is required by NYS law. Health Services can help you with this process! If you are in need of purchasing health insurance, see link below. For most graduate students, contacting the Health Center at your undergraduate institution is the easiest way for you to obtain your immunization records. If you arrange to have your immunization records sent, then the only other required component is completing pages one and two of the health form (including sign-off on the meningitis statement on page one).

If you attended one of following area colleges and still have access to your on-line student record at that college, you can download and print your immunization records -- then fax your records [585-389-2503] or mail them to the Nazareth Health Services Office [Nazareth College Health Services, 4245 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14618].

Phone: (585) 345-6835
Fax: (585) 345-6816

Phone: (585) 245-5736
Fax: (585) 245-5744

Phone: (607) 274-3177
Fax: (607) 274-1844

Phone: (315) 279-5368
Fax: (315) 279-5359

Phone: (585) 292-2018
Fax: (585) 292-3856

Phone: (315) 312-4100
Fax: (315) 312-5409

Phone: (585) 594-6360
Fax: (585) 594-6920

Phone: (585) 385-8280
Fax: (585) 385-8299
Online Alfred University SUNY BROCKPORT University At Buffalo Buffalo State Cortland Finger Lakes Community College/FLCC Fredonia Genesee Community College/GCC Geneseo Ithaca Keuka College Monroe Community College Oswego Roberts Wesleyan College St. John Fisher College Why it Matters! NYS law that any student taking six or more credits must show proof of immunization for mumps, measles, and rubella

Naz undergraduates need to update only pages 1 and 2 of the health form.

Graduates DO NOT need a physical exam before coming to Naz. Arrange a Tour!

Email or call Tonya Guzman to set up a visit
tguzman7@naz.edu •- (585) 389-2821 ? ? Each full-time graduate Nazareth student is entitled to one free ticket to all Arts Center sponsored events (some restrictions apply to Garth Fagan Dance performances). Part-time graduate students are eligible for one ticket per semester. Did you know? http://www.naz.edu/graduate-student-services/housing Need Housing? http://www.naz.edu/shults-center/athletic-fitness-facilities Athletics/Fitness You can use the scroll on your mouse or the up/down arrows on your keyboard to zoom on documents TIP! * * Registration Forms, as well as any additional academic form you may need, can be found here: http://www.naz.edu/graduate-student-services/forms Students should contact Dr. Cheng directly for academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Rui Cheng
Phone: (585)389-2441
Email: rcheng9@naz.edu
Location: Golisano Academic Center, Room 297 TESOL for International Educators Students should contact Dr. McPhail directly VIA EMAIL to receive academic advisement.
When contacting Dr. McPhail via email, please put ADVISEMENT in the subject line

Program Director: Dr. Cindy McPhail
Phone: (585) 389-2607
Email: cmcphai2@naz.edu
Location: Golisano Academic Center, Room 294 Students should contact Dr. Durant-Jones directly for academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Lisa Durant-Jones
Phone: 585-389-2775
Email: ldurant4@naz.edu
Office: Carroll Hall 234 Speech Language Pathology Resource MUSIC EDUCATION PROGRAMS - contact Dr. Carlson directly to receive academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Mary Carlson
Phone: (585) 389-2697
Email: mcarlso3@naz.edu
Location: Arts Center, Room 1F Music Education Programs Resource Students should contact Dr. Henderson directly to receive academic advisement

Program Director: DR. Lorraine Henderson
Phone: (585) 389-2395
Email: lhender1@naz.edu
Office: Smyth Hall 147F Management & Human Resource Management Programs Please print the registration form (link found at the bottom of this on-line orientation slide). As you consult with your adviser, fill in your preferred classes for the fall semester. Once completed, return the registration form to Graduate Student Services, Smyth Hall Room 1. You can also fax it to (585) 389-2612, or scan and email it to gradservices@naz.edu. Questions? contact Graduate Student Services at (585) 389-2815. Graduate Student Services will register you for your fall classes upon receipt of the form (adviser signature or email approval required!). Program Contacts **Please contact Dr. Black directly for advisement**

Program Director: Dr. Jim Black
Phone: (585) 389-2591
Email: chill0@naz.edu
Office: Golisano Academic Center, Room 205

Program Director: Dr. Jim Black
Phone: (585) 389-2619
Email: jblack8@naz.edu
Office: Golisano Academic Center, Room 201 Inclusive ADOLESCENCE Teacher Inclusive CHILDHOOD Teacher Education Programs Resource
Program Contact: Dr. Kate DaBoll-Lavoie
Phone: (585) 389-5138
Email: kdunn4@naz.edu
Office: Golisano Academic Center, Room 288
Inclusive EARLY CHILDHOOD Teacher Education

Program Director/Chair: Dr. Kate DaBoll-Lavoie
Phone: (585) 389-2618
Email: kdaboll9@naz.edu
Office: Golisano Academic Center, Room 296A Accounting Resource students should contact Professor Bloom directly VIA EMAIL to initiate the academic advisement process

Program Director: Phyllis Bloom
Email: pbloom7@naz.edu
Location: Smyth Hall 147D Students should contact Dr. Campbell directly to receive academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Scott Campbell
Phone: (585) 389-2719
Email: scampbe8@naz.edu
Location: Golisano Academic Center, room 497 American Studies Resource ART EDUCATION PROGRAMS - students should contact Dr. Elliott directly to receive academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Shannon Elliott
Phone: (585) 389-2529
Email: selliot3@naz.edu
Location: Arts Center, 170A Art Education Programs Resource Students should contact the program director of their specialty area to receive academic advisement

Art Therapy Specialization
Program Director: Dr. Ellen Horovitz
Email: ehorovi4@naz.edu
Phone: 585-389-2535
Location: Carroll Hall 252
Note: Dr. Horovitz can advise via Skype or email for those of you who do not yet live in the Rochester area

Music Therapy Specialization
Program Director: Dr. Bryan Hunter
Email: bhunter7@naz.edu
Phone: 585-389-2702
Location: Carroll Hall 237 Creative Arts Therapy Resource Literacy Education Programs Resource TESOL Certification Programs Resource Liberal Studies Program Resource Students should contact Dr. Erdmann directly for academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Naomi Erdmann
Phone: (585) 389-2614
Email: nerdman0@naz.edu
Office: Lourdes Hall, Room 4 Students should contact Dr. Weis directly for academic advisement

Program Director: Dr. Monica Weis
Phone: (585) 389-2637
Email: mweis9@naz.edu
Office Location: Golisano Academic Center, Room 496B
Students should contact Dr. Fenwick directly for advisement

Program Director: Dr. Jim Fenwick
Phone: (585) 389-2630
Email: jfenwic3@naz.edu
Office: Golisano Academic Center, Room 283 Educational Technology Specialist Program Resource Academic Calendar: http://www.naz.edu/graduate-student-services/college-calendar We hope you learned more about Nazareth College and the services we can provide!

Call us at (585) 389-2819, email gradservices@naz.edu, or visit us in Smyth 1 if you have any questions! You can use the scroll on your mouse or the up/down arrows on your keyboard to zoom in! TIP! You have completed
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