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Drinking Water in Reno, Nevada

No description

Brandy Sanchez

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Drinking Water in Reno, Nevada

Drinking Water in Reno, Nevada
Water is something that everyone needs to survive. It also benefits us by making us healthy while giving us energy! Water is good for you in many ways but can hurt us if it is not clean. There are some places in this world where the water may be polluted.
An area where there is bad water is known as Reno, Nevada. Twenty-one chemicals were found in the water and eight were detected in levels above EPA Health Guidelines. Three of the chemicals occurred in illegal amounts which were magnesium, tetrachloroethylene, and arsenic.
Problem Statement and Hypothesis
The drinking water within Reno, Nevada can cause sickness and affect the people living in that area. The problem exist due to the environment.
If we create a water filter then the water will be clean because it will not have anything to make you sick.
Naf Project Proposal
by Brandy Sanchez & Quentin O'Neal

Other Solutions
Create a water filter that is small, easy to use, and uses very little energy.
Make the object stainless steal.
Have it with two openings: one in the front and one in the back.
Make it be able to clean water to use for everyday things and be drinkable.
Gather some sponsors and all of the materials needed for the project.
Make the body of the object with the materials by following the blueprints.
Insert the charcoal, then the sand, and lastly the gravel in that order.
Test out the product to make sure it works
Show it off to the people to interest them and let them use it themselves.
Put it in stores all around.
It will be cheap so that people will be interested.
It uses little energy.
It is small so you can store is anywhere.
It is removable for when you want to replace it for another.
The amount of people who will actually buy it.
The competition with the other people who sell water filters too.
How well it will sell.
One other solution that may work is going to the source of it and stop it.
The problem with that is that sometimes you are not able to find it.
Another solution may be to just buy the water.
The problem with that one is that that would cost lots of money .
Water is not something that we should take lightly. Everyone should have access to it and we have a solution for the people of Reno, Nevada. The solution is now known to be our water filter that is small, easy to use, and cheap.
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