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Life Science #2

Changes in Ecosystems

Lauri Marek

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Life Science #2

Life Science Changes in Ecosystems 5.9 C
Predict the effect of changes in ecosystems caused by living organisms, including humans. Ecosystems are always changing. The changes can be caused by: Human Activity Animals Natural Disasters Plants How will the ecosystem be affected by this trash? Animals might be harmed. Plants might not be able to grow. How can it be fixed? What impact will cutting down the trees have on the ecosystem? How will the highway affect the ecosystem? Habitats will be divided. The predators may be forced to cross the road to find prey. Plants produce oxygen and provide habitats for many organisms. How will the beaver pond affect the ecosystem? Beavers chew down many trees. Beaver ponds create new habitats. Beaver dams can destroy habitats further down river. Overpopulation of grazers can change an ecosystem. Animals may have to move or they will perish. There is no vegetation to stop erosion. Over time, one species may replace or dominate another species. The community slowly changes. This is called succession. How would a drought affect the organisms in the ecosystem? What impact would a forest fire have on an ecosystem? The animals would have to move or they may perish. Plants will perish, but fire is important for re-growth of the forest. Animals may have to move or they may perish. Plants and animals that can conserve water will survive.
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