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Habit 4:Think Win-Win

No description

Herbert Washington

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Habit 4:Think Win-Win

Having a Win-Lose attitude means one prefers success over others
"Win-Lose is an attitude towards life that says the pie of success is only so big, and if you get a big piece there is less for me"(Covey 147-148).
Competition is a sizable portion of the win lose attitude.
In this mind set, only one person can be successful and that is yourself.
Lose-Lose is a substandard way of thinking about situations in which you fall short.
This is a common attitude seen in teenage relationships.
In the book, it is commonly described as a "downward spiral".
How to reach a Win-Win mindset
Have a positive attitude
Do not think about just yourself solely, but others as well
Life is not a competition, so do not make it one
Be comfortable in your own body
Stop making comparisons
Having a Lose-Win attitude means you would rather let someone have there way with you rather then argue
With a Lose-Win attitude is like being a "doormat" in a situation which is referred to the Doormat Syndrome
People who have this attitude are usually considered as "weak"
With this attitude you will end up finding your self setting low expectations
Habit 4: Think Win-Win
By: Mileke McKeller, Savon Simmons, Herbert Washington, and Alexa Irias

Win-Win allows everyone be prosperous in the situation.
"You care about other people and you want them to succeed but also care about yourself, and you want to succeed as well"(Covey 152).
This mindset is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet.
It is not about one person winning, but both.
Works Cited
Win-Lose Scenario
Savon wants to go to the Fayette County basketball game with his girlfriend Mya, but his best friends want him to go to the movies with them at the same time. Whichever person he chooses, someone will be disappointed.
Lose-Lose Scenerio
Overall, everyone try to reach a win-win attitude. Once that goal is achieved, you will begin to see everything will start to come together. Lose-Win, Win-Lose, and Lose-Lose are all types of attitudes that allows someone to not be successful. Having a win-win attitude allows one to only look at the silver lining in life and not get twisted up in the simple things.
Herbert wants revenge because Alexa spilled juice on his favorite shirt. He succeeds in his revenge plot by doing the same thing. Both of the parties lose in this situation.
Win-Win Scenerio
Herbert wants Mileke and Savon to go to a party with him in downtown Atlanta, but Alexa wants to go out with all of us to eat pizza. We listen and leave the party early to pick up Alexa and go eat at California Pizza Kitchen.

1.What attitude is most common in high school relationships?

2. Competition is branched out from what mindset?

3. Which of these is an example of the Lose-Win mindset?
A.Striving to get a better grade than your sister
B.Helping your partner with his part of the project
C.Not doing your homework because you don’t know how to do it

4. Name and example of a Win-win scenario in your life.

5. Maria's mother wants her to clean her room, but she blows her mother off and hangs out with her friends. What is this an example of?

Discussion Question: What are some problems that can cause a person not to have a Think Win-Win attitude?
The Tumor Twins
In life, it is best to avoid the "Tumor Twins". They are comparing and competing. This can cause one to have a Win- Lose Mindset instead of a Win Win mindset
Comparing can be just as bad a competing. This is not a healthy habit to form because we can not measure ourselves to each other based on specific areas. We are all different socially, physically, and mentally. The addiction to comparing can be just as bad as an addiction to drugs.
Competing is trying to be better than someone else. Although it motivates a person to go towards a goal, it can be very unhealthy for one's mind. "When competition is used as a means of creating a self-image relative to others, the worst in a person comes out"(Tim Galwey). A way to make competition a positive thing is comparing yourself for motivation.
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