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Society Project

No description

Sujay Dayal

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Society Project

Background Information
This transcendentalist society is coined ''eraser'' for two utmost principles:
One must erase oneself from the past and wholeheartedly accept the present and future to succeed and accomplish unfathomable tasks
One must erase oneself from society and enter the realm of transcendentalism to fully understand and comprehend the many questions life presents
Esteemed Monetary System
Currency: Rubbers
Assigned Values: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Wages are consistent to avoid jealousy and greed/avarice
Free medical service for anyone
To avoid the halting of progression, benefits will be awarded for professions that are crucial to society and require intense and laborious work regime
Mandatory government assigned duties (i.e. jury service) and participation in environment- cleaning reconstruction program
Island Name: Oedipus
Consists of:
Luscious and exotic forests
Clear and pristine waters
Fecund and fertile land
Abundant and plentiful vegetation
Prolific and copious amounts of food
Tropical and balmy weather
Residents: 500+
Disclaimer: No cars (transportation: walk)
Kinds of Works Encouraged
To promote education and knowledge that will not only lead to a better understanding of transcendentalist ideals, but also to an impeccable construction of a society that will succor one to consummate one’s goal of attaining a transcendentalist state.
To maintain responsibility and honesty by curbing and eradicating the cruel and despicable corruption that accumulates between the governed and the government.
To uphold the Constitution by adhering to the assigned procedures and tasks presented, and live a life dedicated solely to happiness, tranquility, and respect for nature

The Omnipotent Pledge
I promise to adhere to the proposed rules and regulations explicitly mentioned and pledge to safeguard the protocols and decrees. In addition, I will not succumb to conformity by espousing individualism through intrinsic motivation. Society will not be my hurdle, as I will resist the malicious and nefarious submission that arises from the former. To construct a society that fully understands and appreciates humanity and its endeavors, I vow to live up to the sacrosanct motto: ''Add life to days, not days to life.''
Immoral Works and the Consequences
Behaving in an inappropriate manner and exhibiting signs of avarice, greed, and corruption through menial but destructive actions
Stealing and theft
Failure to comply to proposed rules
Not attending mandatory events without clear reason
Violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances, as nonviolence and peace will be encouraged throughout society- No guns, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or cigarettes will be permitted
Mandatory entrance into Rehabilitation Center (vigorous process in which the violator will endure strict physical and psychological pressure that aims to correct the immoral behavior by illustrating the dangers of the substance and the harmful impact on society)
Mandatory entrance into rehabilitation facility that addresses reasons as to why the certain behavior is performed, followed by triple hours performed in the Environment- Agency (for example, a person whose assigned hours is 5 hours per week will now be 15 hr. per week to illustrate the necessity for a clean and neat environment)

Compulsory therapy with a psychiatrist for a month (purpose- to identify the underlying causes of such actions and achieve better compromises). No access to knives or weapons for 2-3 months, and mandatory “hello” discussions with the members of society. To avoid anti-social behavior, the violator must chat with his/her fellow people in the society to understand the humanistic principles and avoid violence. The violator will spend 1-2 minutes for each person, and the duration will be for 6 months.
100 acres of land will be given to each family to promote agriculture and increase crop production
Children of parents who are teachers/ work in the teaching industry are given 50% off college and school fees
Discounted price for ownership of space in buildings; opportunity to form industry to further enhance work (money would be given and limited liability principles would be adopted)

Adequate funds will be given monthly as grants to further pursue engineering and architecture (mandatory to use money solely for infrastructure and buildings that can help transform and transcend society)

Adequate funds will be given monthly as grants to further pursue medical research (mandatory to use the money solely for research-funding groups-i.e. cancer)
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