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Chapter 1 (Sections 1-3) : What is History & Inquiry Process

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Siti Hafizah Subramaniam

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 1 (Sections 1-3) : What is History & Inquiry Process

What is HISTORY?





Inquire into the past by Studying sources

Step 1 of Inquiry: Ask Questions about the Past
Asking questions at can help you form knowledge of the past
e.g: What was Singapore like in our Grandparents' time?
RECAP . . .
4 steps to the Inquiry Process
How do Historians
find out about the past?
can be objects owned, used and left behind by people of the past
sources are CLUES from the past
provide information about the past
Constructing Knowledge of the past (Inquiring into the past)
4 Main Steps !
You will need to gather sources that will help answer these questions
Types of Sources
source was produced close to or at the time of the event, by the people who experience it
These sources can be
Source was constructed from other sources of information and not directly linked to the people who experienced the event
Remember: the types of sources
and Pri and Sec Sources
Step 2 of Inquiry: Gather Sources
Step 3 of Inquiry: Examine the Sources Gathered
Ask questions about the details in the source that gives us more information
These information help us form guesses about what the past could be
These guesses are called inferences.
Making Inferences by examining a source
An inference is a conclusion about an issue being discussed, and this can be obtained by studying the details in the source
Step 4 of Inquiry: Forming Valid Conclusions
After examining sources, conclusion will be drawn based on the inferences made
These conclusions need to be supported by evidence from the sources being studied
Ask Question
Gather sources related to question
Examine sources to extract information to form response to the question (forming inferences)
Write logical conclusions,with evidence, in reponse to the question
Gather Sources
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