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Jessy Frank

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of iPad

Graphic Communication Management Audio/Video Staging iPad Majors iPad's Applications Applications that benefit each major
Keynote Keynote has everything you need to create amazing presentations complete with animated charts and transitions
Keynote allows us to create a presentation to show a client
Or in David's case, for a client to easily present and preview a powerpoint during an event

Brushes is a popular painting application that features an advanced color picker, high quality brushes, layers, extreme zooming, and a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device
For clients to jot down their visions to better portray their creative ideas

Numbers Spreadsheet application that can process more then 250 functions
It allows us to create a budget or a pricelist on the go to show a client or to use a reference
Create spreadsheets to maintain inventory. iWork Pages Pages is both a streamlined word processor and an easy-to-use page layout tool. It allows you to be a writer one minute and a designer the next, always with a perfect document in the works.
Create invoices, thank you letters, letterheads, personal & business letters etc. iMixer Portable mixer to use on the go to adjust volumes and settings as needed. iDesign To create illustrations and samples of work on the go to present to clients. iStudio To be able to record audio/video on the site during an event. iBrushes iPortfolio To save previous artwork, event pictures, samples, animations, videos, audio samples, recordings to show to clients to entice and show clients we are the best at what we do. Benefits The benefits of using an ipad in Graphic Communication Management and Audio/Video Staging. It allows our clients to display their thoughts, creative ideas and visuals in a way that we can decipher and expand upon. It allows us to record audio/video on the go for clients. It allows us to connect to the internet through WiFi and 3G. It allows us to design and store an illustration in a portfolio. It allows us to manage our careers by producing letters, spreadsheets, documents, samples and visuals. It's on average 1.5 pounds and .5 inches thick, so it's extremely portable and easy to travel with. It has internet, so we are able to keep in contact with clients and colleagues through email, chat, etc. Created by Jessy Frank & Dave Matz
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