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The evolution of technology

No description

Maria Lopez

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of The evolution of technology

Tablets from 1987 to 2011
the Internet, if internet didn't exist everybody would be bored
Maria López,Maria and Sofia
The evolution of

By: Lopez,Maria,Sofía
: The Z88 tablet was introduced in 1987.

In 1822, Charles Babbage conceptualized and began developing the Difference Engine, considered to be the first automatic computing engine.
In 2001 and 2002, the computers start to become much better, with different softwares and more applications.
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This are some logos that are used in inernet, thank you for all of them
María L.
The Daguerreotype
was invented in 1839. Which uses a special copper plate to capture the light from the image.

The Megaskop
was invented in 1844. It was the first camera to take a panoramic images.

In 2003 the computer evolved
and now were able to download,create documents, chat with your friends among other things.
The Leica I
was invented in 1925. It was the first compact camera to use 35mm film
In 2005 Apple became bigger and started to sell a lot of computers, with all types of stuff.
The Duaflex
was invented in 1947. First compact SRL with adapted eye level viewfinder
The Kodak digital camera
was invented in 1975. It recorded black and white images on a cassette tape
: GridPad was introduced in 1989
Manufactured for GRID Systems Corporations
by Samsung.
The Quicksnap
was invented in 1986. It was a disposable camera invented by Fuji
The Kodak DCS SLR
was invented in 1991. First professional digital camera for sale in the US for $13,000

The Sharp j-sho4
was invented in 2000. It had the first camera phone
And now in 2015 computers are very evolved. ow they can talk, you can play on them etc.
: Poqet computer corporation, partnered with Fujitsu, introduced the PoqetPad.
GRID 2260 Systems
: The GRID 2260 Systems, launched in 1992.

: It was introduced in 1993.

: It was introduced in 2000.
Paceblace Pacebook
: It was introduced in 2002.
Nokia 770
: It was introduced in 2005.
It was introduced in 2007.
Ipad 1
: It was introduced in 2010.
Ipad 2:
it was introduced in 2011.
In 1998, Steve Jobs,founder of apple, called a friend called Tim Cook, one of the bosses of Compaq, to go to apple.

The Raisecamera
was invented in 1900. it was the first light-weight portable camera.
Now there are
the Smart Phones
that we use to make photos, call the people, whatsapp,play games...
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