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Economic impact calculator: Do it yourself!

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Tereza Raabova

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Economic impact calculator: Do it yourself!

Economic impact calculator: Do it yourself!
Here we start... Prague, Arts and Theatre Institute
Research in economic impacts of culture
EI studies (Edinburgh, Bilbao, Adelaide...):
the methodology unclear, often hidden, how they got results, multipliers etc.
different approaches (survey or not, different level of estimations...)
totally impossible to compare the studies
hard to believe and/or understand the results
Wow! Economic impact models!
...can solve many problems!
Ontario: TREIM (Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model)
Canadian Heritage: EIMAH (Economic Impact Model for Arts and Heritage)
Looking inside the EI studies and models
EIMAH model and the best EI studies based on input-output analysis (W. Leontief - Nobell Prize in 1973),
combining visitor survey data + national statistics
Back home: working hard on...
...the new model
First visible results
The methodology certified by the Czech ministry of culture

EI studies for major festivals and events

Media and society start to discover the economic impact of culture

Demand for an online tool...
Help users to calculate their EI (goal: cultural advocacy)

Inform stakeholders about risks of blind "economic passion" and how to work with EIs and

Enhance the model by non-economic indicators...

Spread the knowledge abroad and help other countries to build such a calculator as www.culcal.cz
Challenges and what next
state-funded organization
need for culture lobbying
transition economy = politicians like economic arguments
Let's discover it and build such a model
in Central Europe!
= my Ph.D. internship at Canadian Heritage
in cooperation of Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech Statistical Office, University of Economics in Prague, Canadian experts
(Prague Spring, Prague Quadrennial, IMF C. Krumlov, Prague Marathon...)
(Certified methodology for calculating
economic impacts of cultural organizations)
(the aim of culture is not to generate EI,
partnership and mutual understanding is essential)
(...and some of them even believe it! ;))

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