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Ithaca 2017: The Finances

No description

Sinead Roche

on 7 October 2017

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Transcript of Ithaca 2017: The Finances

Ithaca 2017: The Finances
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I understand this is a crazy and hectic time for everyone, and I understand that money isn't something we can be throwing around when I'm in college and we haven't been to Ireland in a few years. The purpose of this vacation is to be as cost effective as we can be while still relieving a lot of the stress that's been weighing us down. I know family and work and school all take priority over this vacation, and that's the way it should be, but if we can get away for a weekend and relax it would be beneficial for all of us. So this presentation is how we can make this as financially viable as we can.
According to Lynn Roche, reliable source, her car gets about 22 miles per gallon. According to Google, semi-reliable source, her car has a gas tank that holds 15.9 gallons of gas. If we multiply those two numbers to get the total amount of miles her car is able to drive on a full tank, we get 349.8. From our address at 2406 Whitby Rd, it is 226 miles to Ithaca. If we go to and from Ithaca, it is 452 miles, which means we would only have to fill the tank 1.3 times the whole trip, which would only cost about $54.78, assuming gas prices continue to be around $2.65 as they have been at places such as Giant and Sunoco.
This is really shaping up to be the most cost-effective vacation we've ever taken! Not only would it be a great relaxation, but as Mark Foster stated in his Austin City Limits stream, their last tour was three years ago, which means I would be a senior in college the next time I would see them. I absolutely acknowledge and agree with the fact that family and work takes precedence over our vacation, but their music really really means a lot to me, and I would be really grateful if we would try and make this vacation happen.
Gas Prices
This is, without a doubt, the most expensive part of the trip, but I found two options that could be made viable by selling my ticket for my Niall concert this month. Those tickets are selling fast, and the cheapest ticket right now is $141.56. If I sell it for $140, we would be able to afford both of these hotels with a few dollars to spare. I know our availability is also variable (if Nanny needs us), so both of these hotels also have free cancellation so there would be no risk in making these plans. Both are also pet friendly, so we wouldn't have to board Abby, since all of our planned activities are also dog-friendly. We could chose from the Meadow Court Inn ($135) or the Trip Hotel Ithaca ($131 and free breakfast!).
Food can get expensive when you're eating out for every meal, so I came up with a solution: we can bring our own! I found a whole bunch of no-cook recipes that we can make and bring with us, like salads, sandwiches, fruit, and other things that don't need to be cooked or microwaved. We can also cheat having to pay for a meal or make one ourselves by staying in the Trip Hotel Ithaca, because that includes free breakfast AND comes with a refrigerator in the room. Also, worst comes to worst, we can find a cheap take-out place somewhere around Ithaca that would make us all happy.
Ithaca, NY
All of our activities are free! Woohoo!
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