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Term three book project

Lilly Murphy

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Choker

This story is situated in a small town where everyone knows each other. The main places in this town that occur in the book are:
1. Cara's bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Cara has very expensive tastes because her parents are lawyers. Her bedroom is bigger than the typical one with a window seat that stretches onto the roof, queen size bed and a door leading to an expensive bathroom with a waterfall shower and double sink. Her kitchen is not very expensive and she doesn't spend that much time in it to capture its essence.
2. A Barn deep in the forest used by Cara. Cara uses the barn as an escape place from all of the bullies. The barn is never visited after it was shut down. Cara goes there and hides in an abandoned horse stable. She shows Zoe this place in the middle of the book and from then on, Zoe went there to cool off too. That's also the place Zoe hid Alexis' body and described the 'dead weight' she carried up to the rafters of the barn when she had Alexis' body.
3. The local school. Cara goes to a local school in her town. Since it is a small town, there is only one high school that everyone goes to. The school has a huge cafeteria that everyone eats there lunch in.
4. The track. The track is the place in the book where Cara first gets her confidence. When Zoe first came, she had a track meet and instead of being just a middle runner Cara got so confident in her running she came in second.

The protagonist of this story is Cara. Zoe comes into her life and when she does, Cara becomes more popular. There are two popular girls that bully Cara and after Zoe comes, one of them drowns causing the other one to get really sad. The book follows Cara as she deals with her life now that Zoe is there. First, Cara gets a new look and gains confidence. Then, Cara starts talking to Ethan more, creating a friendship that she would have never had if Zoe hadn't come. Becoming more popular means Cara is invited to more parties, has more friends, and gets to go on some hang outs with Ethan. After that, the other popular girl goes missing causing Cara to question where her best friend is when she isn't at home. Finally, Zoe tells Cara she drowned the girl and strangled the other girls just for Cara. Cara ultimately does the right thing and calls the cops on Zoe showing that even though she loves her best friend, she wouldn't let someone get away with doing the wrong thing, showing that she ultimately is a protagonist.
At the start of the book, Cara was a shy girl that had a vivid imagination. She usually didn't speak in school. She wore baggy clothes and always had her hair in a pony-tail. Not really having friends at school wasn't a problem for Cara she always just sat at the table with the track girls and watched as they talked around her. She got noticed for all of the wrong reasons. She got the nickname choker one day by accidentally choking on a carrot in the cafeteria. Through the course of the book you see Cara gain more confidence now that the two bullies were gone, she could start fresh. But, having a vivid imagination was what caused Cara to make up Zoe. Having no friends caused Cara to make up a girl to be her best friend, making her the complete opposite from herself. Her overall growth when Zoe was there was huge because through the course of the book Cara became more and more like Zoe showing the fact that her imagination can be dnngerous
The antagonist of the story is Zoe. Zoe is Cara's best friend. Cara moved away in grade five leaving Zoe and her troubled family. Through the course of the book, Zoe becomes more and more deranged and psychotic At the start of the book you see Zoe as a girl with a very unfortunate background. She ran away from home to a place where she knows she will always be welcomed, Cara's place. Zoe helped Cara become popular and after a while starts to get envious of Cara's new life. Always bickering with Cara and threatening to leave just because Cara hadn't said thank you was Zoe's ultimate show of jealousy. Zoe loved Cara too much to share her. In the middle of the book you see the start of Zoe's true affections for Cara but by the end when Zoe admits to killing the girls, she said she did it because she loved Cara. Also, Zoe has her psychotic growth through the story. One night, Cara walked in to find Zoe had vandalized one of the missing posters for Alexis, lit red candles and placed them all in her room, and had dirty dishes all over the place. Zoe was on the ground swapping Alexis' blue eyes for brown. Another time near the end of the book Cara walked into find Zoe in one of her mom's night gowns with pounds of makeup on and Cara's dead cat slung over her shoulders like a scarf. Those points described what Zoe did as an antagonist in the story.
Zoe has an outgoing personality that inspires Cara to be more like her. Zoe has no problem picking out cute outfits for Cara. She even does Cara's hair and makeup. Zoe, herself, looks very interesting with her bony structure, huge violet eyes that cover her entire face, shiny black hair, and the fact that everything she has on looks great because of her confidence. Zoe can change her moods in a heartbeat. One night, Cara would get really angry at the stranger before her and then the next, 'the Zoe' she became friends with finally showed up again. Zoe's personality also reflects the fact that she isn't afraid to make the tough decisions. When Zoe and Cara were walking through the woods Zoe saw a mouse in agony and didn't even flinch when she had to put it out of its misery. Any decision Zoe makes Cara supports even though it goes against her morals.

Sixteen-year-old Cara Lange has been alone ever since she moved away from her best friend, Zoe, years ago. She eats lunch with the girls on her track team and watches as they talk around her. Mostly she spends her time watching Ethan Gray and avoiding the popular girls, Alexis and Sydney, who call her "Choker" after an incident in the cafeteria.

Then one day, Cara comes home to find Zoe in her bedroom. Zoe had run away from home because of family matters and Cara agrees to help her hide. With her best friend back, Cara's life literally changes overnight when one of the popular girls drowns in a pool. Zoe gives her a new look and new confidence. The next thing she knows, she's getting invited to parties and actually holding up conversations with Ethan. Best of all, she has her BFF there to confide in. Then, one day the other popular girl goes missing and everyone is questioned, including Ethan. Zoe starts behaving strangely, and Cara begins to wonder what exactly her best friend does all day when she's at school. Zoe always said she would do anything for Cara, leaving Cara to wonder if anything meant getting rid of the people Cara hates the most. After all, what are best friends for ?
"Things don't always appear as they seem."
I believe this is the theme of the story because at the end of the story, you find out that Zoe is Cara's split personality. The book is in Cara's point of view so all along, you believe that Zoe is a real person because it is written to the last detail that Zoe is . However, the book gives you subtle hints that she isn't. Since Zoe is hiding out in Cara's room, she cannot be seen by anyone else, in fear of being caught. Every time there is a close encounter between Zoe and anyone who enters a room besides Cara, she slips away, as if she was air. Being completely different from Cara gave a mysterious edge to her. In conclusion, this is a relevant saying for the book because the readers are deceived into thinking Zoe is real.
Plot summary
These symbols all remark killing. Symbolizing the "dead weight" Zoe described she had to carry in order to hide the second body for Cara. These also show the dangerous split personality Cara has.
What are best friends for?
This quote is linked to the book because Zoe would have done anything for Cara begging the question: What are friends for?
Person VS Self
Cara is the main character of the story. She has a crush on the hottest guy in school, Ethan. Every time he goes to her, she keeps up the conversation because boys like that sort of thing. Cara hates Alexis and Sydney and is alone because her parents are full time lawyers. She has a hole in her heart where a best friend is needed and has the vivid imagination to pull it off. Creating Zoe as a child filled the emotional void she needed and now that she was in a tough place again- she needed Zoe back. So, creating an excuse for Zoe to come was what happened.
Zoe is Cara's twisted best friend. Even though her empathetic side is the personality Cara likes the best, Zoe is not even close to showing those emotions for anyone else but Cara. She is dominant personality between her and Cara and when she gets angry she can switch to blackmail in one second. The always on offense Zoe is the most unstable character of the book that has the most secrets.
Ethan is the captain of the football team and a jock. At the start of the book, he was dating Alexis. Every time she would talk to a boy, he would be really overprotective, only because he cares about her. When Alexis becomes emotionally unavailable and then missing, he confines in his new found friend Cara. In the continuation of the book, you see his feelings for Cara deepen. The fact that he doesn't know how to handle losing someone like how he lost Alexis and then becoming a suspect makes Ethan the strongest person in the book.
Alexis and Sydney-
Alexis and Sydney are the schools most popular girls. Alexis being the perfect girl who dates the hottest guy in school and Sydney being the best friend with the nicer house right next door to Cara's. They both drink and have lots of money making them the two girls that are to cool for school. These two girls have one more thing in common: destroy Cara's life (Including giving her the nickname Choker). When Sydney drowns and Alexis goes off the wall, Cara gets empathetic for Alexis because if she lost Zoe, she wouldn't be able to move. These two characters were mini antagonists but were mainly the two girls that made Cara's life miserable with the time they got.
Cara's Parents-
Cara's parents are the key that unlocked the mystery of Zoe. They both new about Zoe from when Cara was younger but couldn't contribute until the end of the story because they didn't know Zoe was back the entire time. When Cara was younger she played with Zoe, when her parents believed that Cara actually believed Zoe was real not just an imaginary friend, they moved away and made sure Cara got help. Spending lots of time with her until she got better. When she was better, they became distant again with work and didn't have time to notice if anything was wrong with Cara. They do love Cara but Cara was certain that Zoe ran away so not telling her parents was the thing she concealed the most.

This story is Person VS Self because in the book the antagonist is Zoe and Zoe is Cara. Cara is always second guessing Zoe, wondering if she lies about what she does when Cara's at school. Zoe gives her compliments when she needs them but can easily pull the floor out form underneath her to show her where she stands in the relationship. That's when you find out Zoe is Cara's split personality. Zoe has a completely different personality from Cara being outgoing and sinister at the same time while Cara is shy and nice and would never hurt a fly. Zoe and Cara always fight causing Cara to have little control over what she does around Zoe because if Zoe says they do something, they do it. In the book the antagonist is Zoe and Zoe always gets her way and overpowers Cara's good side.
About the Author
Elizabeth Woods is the pen name of Emma Clarkson Berne, a critically acclaimed author. She lives in Cincinnati with her two boys and husband. She has also lived in Boston, Jerusalem, and Charleston, South Carolina. She finally succumbed to the siren call of the suburbs and now lives a block away from her old high school
Never Let you Go
Still Waters
"Zoe's face was a horror mask of makeup. Lipstick was slashed almost from ear to ear, like a sick clown mask. Eyeliner ringed her eyes and dripped down her face in black, streaky tears." pg 199
"I can't believe you'd do this to your best friend." Zoe's voice cracked, and suddenly her shoulders sagged. She started weeping, openly, heartbreakingly, like a child. Her gasping sobs tore at Cara. As if in a dream, she stepped toward her friend. Zoe lifted her, her hair hanging in her face. "I loved you," she wept "I loved you." pg 223

"Then Alexis. I choked them- I thought that'd be fitting. A little payback for the girls that called you Choker. Besides, how could you be with Ethan with Alexis in the way? All for you, sweatheart, all for you." Zoe suddenly ripped off the arm of the chair out from from the base savagely. pg 212
Text to self- This relates to me because I share common emotions with Cara. In life there is going to be a bully or bullies and you're going to need a best friend to talk to. Every girl at one point in their life is going to dream about a boy they like. I am very socially awkward around people just like Cara and most feelings she has I relate to a lot.
Text to Text- This story reminds me of Pretty little liars because there are lots of secrets in the book. In pretty little liars there are lots of secrets best friends so it relates to the book Choker. Zoe reminds me of the main character Alison.
Text to world- This books relates a lot to the world because there are people who suffer from mental disorders and abusive family. Even though Zoe is crazy, coming from a broken home isn't that unusual. Since the book is in Cara's point of view most of the feelings she explains are the typical ones of teenagers.
The mood of the story is very mysterious. Through the whole course of the book you wonder if Zoe is the one who actually killed the girls. You never know when you'll see another one of Zoe's breakdowns or when where in the shadows she is hiding. At some points of the story, it's very mysterious and at others its showing the true backbones of the mysteries. The mood of the story is very mysterious and is mainly caused by Zoe.
The song is 'Secret' by the Pierces. It symbolizes the book by adding on to the mystery with lyric choice. It has a sinister twist to it that makes it that much more creepy. It represents the scary personality of Zoe.
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