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Saint Francis

No description

Annie K

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Saint Francis

He was one of 7 children born in late 1181 or early 1182 to Pietro di Bernardone and his wife Pica de Bourlemont
Francis had a vision that directed him back to Assisi, where he lost his taste for his worldly life, while going to war in 1202
He was a wealthy man who even fought as a soldier for Assisi
He joined a military expedition which led him to be taken prisoner (he spent a year as a captive)
It is believed that his spiritual conversion was a gradual process rooted in the
Early Life
Religious Activities
One day, Francis heard a sermon about Matthew 10:9. It inspired him to devote himself to poverty
Francis would preach to ordinary people, which was unusual because he had no license to do so.
Francis traveled to many places, such as Italy and Jerusalem, to preach the Good News to people
Founded the Franciscan Order, which is a mendicant religious order of men, some of whom trace their origin to Francis of Assisi
By: Annie Kjetsaa
Saint Francis
Francis pacified a wolf that had been killing livestock so that it never bothered people again
He also convinced many criminals to repent of their crimes and reconcile with the church. For example, he convinced three robbers who had stolen from him to return what they had taken and join the Franciscan order

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