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The Face On The Milk Carton

No description

Marly Bateau

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of The Face On The Milk Carton

The Face On The Milk Carton
By: Caroline B. Cooney

The characters of this story are Janie Johnson (Jennie Springs), Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Reeve, Sarah-Charlotte. Janie is a fifteen year old girl who has wild red hair that her friends always complain about, she is a very curious girl. Janie is persuasive in many ways she convinced her parents into letting her drive for the first time to a football game upstate. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are Janie's parents, they love and care for Janie very much they are over protective over Janie and do not allow her as much liberty and independence as Janie would want. Reeve is seventeen years old he is Janie's neighbor and very close friend, in some point of the book they become more then friends. He helped Janie throughout her journey to find out the truth about who she really is, Reeve is a caring person and is also very close to Janie's parents. Sarah-Charlotte is Janie's best friend, she is a supportive friend and caring but she does not take a big role in Janie's journey to find out who Jennie Springs really is.
Sequence of Events
Janie has to deal with a lot of problems but her main problem for her is trying to find out who she really is if shes Jennie Springs or Janie Johnson. Janie has to deal with not being able to know who to believe she feels like she cant trust anyone. The events escalated as you read more and more of the book. The most elevated event were Janie's flash backs they always lead her to more and more worries and questions. The more flash backs she had the more events escalated for example when Janie confronted the Johnson's they then told her all about Hannah and hertr cult that put Janie at ease for some time. Until Reeve and Janie then realized that Hannah kidnapped her not the Johnson's. Janie then goes to New Jersey and realizes she is the girl on the milk carton. Reeve who is her neighbor calls his soon to be lawyer sister to help with the situation which infuriates Janie. After they have made an agreement Mrs. Johnson calls the Springs.....
The story takes place in the suburbs of Romney Road, Connecticut; The location changes every once in a while. Janie has been to New Jersey to visit the Springs home, the Scenic Overlook also. Janie lives with the Johnson's in a upper-middle class neighborhood, where everyone's secrets and privacy is public. While Janie was with her neighbor Reeve (who is also her boyfriend) driving on the Scenic Overlook Jannie had one of her "day mares" as she used to call them but they were just flashbacks of her childhood. Janie also went with Reeve to New Jersey to see where the Springs family lived.
The sequence of events in the story start off with Jannie in school eating lunch with her friends when she takes her friends milk and drinks then she turns the carton over and sees a girl with pigtails and a polka dot dress Janie immediately recognizes the dress but she couldn't believe that she was kidnapped. When Janie starts having these flashbacks she starts to panic because she does not want to believe her "parents" kidnapped her; So Janie asks her mother for her birth certificate to prove they are her parents but when her mother doesn't this worries her more, when she finds a reason to ask for her birth certificate they still say no. One day Janie came home and confronted her they told her the whole story. As Janie starts to learn more and more about Hanna she starts to look for who Jennie Springs is and where she lives. That is when she and Reeve cut school to go to New Jersey once they reach there they see children and a dog that Janie remembers. When they return home her parents were angry and frantic. So when Reeve decide to call his sister Lizzie who is a future lawyer to help the Johnson's, then the Johnson's find out that there daughter kidnapped someones child they were heart broken. After disputing weather to call the Springs or not Mrs. Johnson did and handed the phone to Janie to speak to them.
The exciting thing that happened in this book is when Jennie sees herself in a milk carton and panics this cause excitement to me because It made me want to read more of the book.
The most exciting part of this story is when Janie went to New Jersey with Reeve to see where the Spring family lived it was exciting for both me and Janie because I wanted to see if Janie really was Jennie Springs and Janie (Jennie) had a flash back of her memory.
The final exciting part is while Jennie was at home with the Johnson's, Reeve, and Lizzie. There was so much tension going on and Mrs.Johnson was very unhappy everyone was frustrated but they were disputing over if they should call the Springs residence, I was currious to see if Mrs. Johnson did and that caused excitement for me.
The resolution of this book was that the Johnson's got advice and tried to understand their situation and the problem when finally they all decide yo just make Jennie call the Springs and talk to them.
Yes. I did like this because it had so much excitement to it and the more you read it the more it makes you want to know whats going to happen next. I enjoyed this book very much and I plan in the future to read the next series. I think that people who like a mystery and curiosity in a book, someone who likes to be on the edge of their seats waiting for something exciting and fun to happen. People who love mystery's should read this book.
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