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Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah

No description

Sakeenah Syed

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah

A Trustworthy man was sent......
The Prophet (saw) needed someone to teach the Najraan the Quran. The Prophet Muhammed (saw) said " I will send you a trustworthy man, a very trustworthy man." When all the companions of the Prophet (saw) heard this they all prayed, wishing for that person who the Prophet (saw) was praising so much about to be them. "Umar Ibn Al-Khattab narrated thus: ' I have never craved a command in my life except on that day, in hope that I would be the man whom the Prophet held in such high self esteem. Therefore, I went in intense heat to preform my Dhuhr prayer. When the Prophet finished leading the prayer, he looked to his right, then to his left. I stood on my toes to
Who was Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah:
Abu Ubaidah was a tall, slim, strong and trustworthy man. He was trusted with everything and was considered to be the most trustworthy of all. Umar Ibn Khattaab (R) said on his death bed that "if Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah were alive I would have intrusted him with the caliphate, and if Allah (swt) asked me about him I would say, I assigned the caliphate to the trustworthy of Allah (swt) and his Prophet (saw); Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah". Abu Ubaidah accepted islam at the very beginning, at the hands of Abu Bakr (R). He emigrated to Abyssinia during the second emigration, then returned to stand with the Prophet during the battle of Uhad, Badr and the rest of the great battles. Even after the Prophet (saw)'s death, during the caliphates of Abu Bakr and Umar (R) he pursued islam with asceticism which means a manner of life with piety,firmness and trustworthiness. The Trustworthy of this nation was his pseudonym.
Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah's Care for the Prophet (saw):
When Abu Ubaidah dispersed from the pagans and ran to the Prophet (saw),wiping the blood off his head he cried"How can they succeed after they are tinged with the blood of their Prophet (saw) who invites them to the way of Allah (swt)?" When Abu Ubaidah saw the two arrows in the cheeks of the Prophet (saw) he pulled them out, causing him to lose two of his front teeth.
Al- Khabat Expedition:
Like all the companions of the Prophet (saw), Abu Ubaidah fulfilled his responsibilities and obligations with great honesty and trust. When the Prophet Muhammed (saw) asked Abu Ubaidah to be the commander of the Al-Khabat Expedition he had no supplies except for a bag full of dates. He withstood against all the odds. Him and his soldiers had to undergo this long, difficult mission. They would eat a few dates daily, when they ran out of dates they would pick up leaves, crush them and swallow them with water. To Abu Ubaidah and his soldiers it didn't matter to them that they didn't have food or that they could die, all they cared about was completing this mission
Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah
A Trustworthy man
Done By: Sakeenah Syed
In the battle of Uhad Abu Ubaidah recognized that the disbelievers first priority was to kill the Prophet Muhammed (saw) and that killing the Prophet (saw) would be greater than winning the battle. Realizing this, Abu Ubaidah decided that he would stay very close to the Prophet Muhammed (saw). During a fight with a pagan he was far away from the Prophet (saw) but his eyes were fixed on the Prophet (saw). Whenever Abu Ubaidah thought a potential threat was coming towards the Prophet (saw) he would come to the Prophet's (saw) aid. During the battle, a group of pagans came and attacked Abu Ubaidah but he still had his eyes on the Prophet (saw). Abu Ubaidah lost self control when an arrow hit the Prophet (saw), yet he recollected himself and quickly defeated the pagans as if he sword was magical.
draw his attention to me, yet he kept on looking around until he saw Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al- Jarrah and ordered him 'Go with them and judge in truth between them in the matters in which they dispute.'" Abu Ubaidah was the perfect man for this mission, he maintained his trustworthiness and fulfilled his responsibilites as a companion of the Prophet (saw) , even after the Prophet (saw) passed away.
The Secret Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al- Jarrah had to keep:
When Khalid Ibn Al- Waleed was the commander in a great battle, one of the first actions of Umar Ibn Al- Khattab, as the new Kalifah at the time was to give Abu Ubaidah the position of a commander. When Abu Ubaidah heard this message he asked to keep it a secret. After Khalid Ibn Waleed won the battle, Abu Ubaidah told him the message from Umar (R). Khalid Ibn Waleed then asked him " May Allah (swt) bestow his mercy on you, Abu Ubaidah. What made you keep that message from me?" Abu Ubaidah replied " I was afraid lest it should cause any confusion that might
affect the army's morale. We don't crave life or its splendor. We are brothers before Allah"
Abu Ubaidah's Humbleness:
Abu Ubaidah was appointed commander-in-chief in Syria. His tribe was the most well equipped amongst all the armies. You couldn't tell that he was the chief, he wasn't arrogant. When he heard the people were impressed with him, he called a group of people, to gather around him and said that he was a normal muslim person from the Quraish tribe. If anyone was more pious he would be willing to give them his job. Everyone praised him and made dua for him. He followed all the rules,was not arrogant and obeyed and respected the ruler of Syria.

Abu Ubaidah's House
One day Umar (R) went to visit Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah. Abu Ubaidah invited him to his house. When Umar (R) went into his house he noticed he had no furniture but a sword, shield and a saddlebag. Umar (R) kindly asked him " Why don't you furnish your house as people do?" Abu Ubaidah answered "O Commander of the Faithful, as you see, I have a room to sleep in and that is enough for me."
When Umar (R) heard about the Death of Abu Ubaidah:
One day Umar (R) had a lot of work to do and he received the news of the death of Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah.He tried to control himself, but he couldn't and started to cry. He made dua for him and was remembering all the memories he had with Abu Ubaidah. Umar (R) exlaimed " If I were to make a wish, I would have wished a house full of men just like Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah.
The Death of Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah
Abu Ubaidah died in a land which he had purified from disbelief and the torture of the Romans. He was buried in Jordan,but where he was buried doesn't matter. The fragrance from his grave will lead you there.
What the story of Abu Ubaidah taught me:
To be humble and not to be arrogant
To separate my needs from my wants
To be more giving and not to take
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