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Journalism 101

Learn how to become an author writing compelling articles to be published in our school newsletter!

Jani Knox

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Journalism 101

Journalism So, What did you
Learn Today??? Summary and Discussion Journalism 101 101 who? what is the action taking place? You want to always use action verbs because they make the wording direct and lively. Different kinds of stories who is the subject of the article what? when? When tells the time the action is happening. where? why? Where is the place the action is happening. Why explains the action and purpose how? How usually describes the manner in which action occurs. Excercize #2 Exercize #2 Exercize #1 The Art of
Writing Articles Headlining News Includes local, national and international news
news articles. News articles focus only on the facts. Feature Article Also called human interest stories. Feature articles may be a profile of a person who does a lot of volunteer work in the community or a movie preview. Column Regularly written articles by the same person. Stories are written about current events or community happenings and often feature the authors picture. Perspectives An article that contains the writer's opinion. Editorials are usually printed together on a specific page of the paper and focus on current events. Exercize #3 Exercize #3 Newpaper Activity
break into groups to
find stories Apply: Newpaper Activity to find details worms worms worms Headlines All newspaper articles should be set off with a headline. The headline should serve the purpose of getting the reader’s attention.

The byline usually follows the headline. This states the author’s full name. In some cases the byline can occur and the end of the article. When writing "News stories" you don't want to use the first person point of view in your article. It is important to write articles without bias or personal prejudices. You want to be objective.
If you want to use first person voice or include personal opinions then you would want to write editorial articles. They can contain public opinion and are the ones I like to write. Editorial
The lead paragraph is the first one in a news story. Usually, the lead is one sentence long and summarizes the facts of the news story in order of most newsworthy to least news-worthy. The lead paragraph should include the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of the story. Lead Paragraph Share Exercize #1 Getting
The Facts: Artist Brenda Kaye Gives Back to a ‘Healing Community’ Through Art

By CYNTHIA SEWELL — cmsewell@idahostatesman.com

Perched on scaffolding for three months this summer in downtown Eagle, artist Brenda Kaye made a lot of new friends. Melaleuca to Build New Manufacturing Facility

Published: October 10, 2012
The Associated Press

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO — A direct marketing company that manufactures and sells health and cleaning products plans to build a new manufacturing facility in southeastern Idaho and expects to hire hundreds of new workers. Our View, Wind Power: A Win for Renewable Power, and Consumers

Published: September 26, 2012

The wind power industry scored a key victory last week — and this could be a long-term win for consumers as well. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ordered Idaho Power to abide by the terms of its 20-year agreement to purchase electricity from Idaho wind farms...

...For Idaho’s young and growing wind industry, the implications are clear. Wind producers need a dependable, stable market for their power — and need to know that they can sell their product. Without a set market and a predictable rate of return, investments in renewable power development could all but vanish. What do ya know? who? what? when? where? why? how? QUIZ: Expectations Be Respectful
Share Appropriately
Have fun Goals For Class:
Learn something new
Have fun
Find new angles for telling a story
Become an author
Get work published About Me...
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