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south east asia

No description

Bud Richard

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of south east asia

south east asia cambodia indonesia malaysia philippines vietnam culture the dong son culture
is one of the defining aspects in vietnam. food vietnamese cuisine is
a mixture of french chinese and a little bit of thai in it too. school vietnamese school
is 6 days a week, and
only 4 hour days. religion buddism government vietnam is under the
constitution of 1992 fashion vietnam has the promotion girls. entertainment vietnamese's culture
rituals and all the festivals
each year is what they do
for entertainment. school culture food religion government entertainment currency rice and fish are the
two main foods people
eat everyday. khmer is the culture and
it is a blend of buddhism,
animistic, and hinduism cambonia suffers from
poorly trained teachers
and a lack of money in
the school system. buddhism constitutional monarchy cambodia has a wealth
of traditional and international
festivals. fashion some girls wear sampots. currency school culture food government religion entertainment fashion currency all citizens must
go through 9 years
of compulsory school,
6 years of elementary,
and 3 years in middle
school. in indonesia they injoy
wayang(puppet shows),
comedians, and traditional
dances. people in indonesia
wear cloths similar to
western cloths. indonesians eat
rice at every meal,
breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. republic muslum hinduism, buddhism, and confucianism are the 3 main cultures. school government culture religion currency food fashion entertainment parliamentary demcracy malay muslim malaysia has pre-school, secondary, primary and pre-university. people in malaysia
live the nightlife they
spend most nights in
clubs. they all wear mainly
muslim cloths. they eat alot of rice in
almost every meal.
fashion food entertainment currency school religion culture philippin food is a
blend of eastern and
western cuisine. folk dancing, cinemas,
pubs and night clubs
are the main entertainment
in the phillippines. filipino christianity government the philippines have
a republic government. there are a lot of
christian schools
in the phillippines.
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