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Head of communications - Vision and Priorities

No description

Kelly Pullen

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Head of communications - Vision and Priorities

Foundation Protecting People & Planet Performance & Profit Winning Powerful Team Create EVP & Employee Brand not only for bidding but to also support recruitment and retention- this will lead the way for HR comms plans

Use research to have drive IC strategy & agree key messages for the year. Have we ever compared what our customers think with what our employees think our customers thinks? We could do and assess any disparity is which would identify key areas of employee engagement we can tackle.

Aim to introduce a new channel that delivers directly to the hard to reach grass root employees - radio, text message?

Aim to measure and fix the cascading of messages - are all People Managers owning and delivering the messages well? Need to encourage employes to feel as if they own the messages and have the right tools to deliver it. Working hand in hand with HR development collages is critical to use ensure key messages are filtered through the development programmes.

work to develop more involvement and a 2-way conversation to avoid mass downloading of messaging/information F2F is best how can we educate & give managers the right tools to be able to embrace this? Tool kits for effective conversations/ facilitators guides.

Defines the business requirement for Yammer & AmeyWorld -Personalised content, Yammer Apps which can help engage a 2-way communication channel to blue and white collars. It can be our best practice channel. Review & Research Build & Lead a team to deliver
cost effective, value-added comms
to protect & build
internal and external reputation Strategy & Planning Team & Ways of working

Understand current Amey & Comms team reputation & performance in key areas through
MD & senior Management feedback
customer insight - service scores
online reputation - social media measurement
brand research
Competitor analysis
bid feedback (what we scoring highly on and poorly on)
Employee pulse and Ferrovial survey results

Understand key company objectives for 2013 following the recent strategy event

Understand team issues & ideas, existing team knowledge, skills, ways of working & workload.
All would be an improvement in team insight and knowledge Need to provide the team with clear strategic direction so they can create effective comms

Translate corporate strategy and objectives
Define and package Amey's USP, market & service propositions
Stakeholder identification and mapping
Create a planning framework setting goals & priorities for each stakeholder - what do we want them to think, feel and do this year?
Create a comms strategy & Campaign implementation plan to achieve goals for key stakeholders - best campaigns & channels to suit your needs. Need to include measurement & evaluation and ensure synergies within divisional comms plans.
Attain key support from decision-makers before roll out
Translate through to team personal objectives

Can create more effective communications if messages & values are aligned internally and externally. Practice what you preach. Big task to get the right people in the right roles and get the team motivated - Especially a senior media manger.

Need to embed the attitude that we are comms experts and therefore all audiences are key

Engage the team with vision & strategy to motivate. Setting clear objectives to give focus.

Important to quickly embed clear ways of working within the team and with the divisional roles - regular sharing and team communication to align projects and share knowledge

Set process and approvals in place quickly and communicate 'how to' - Press Office processes, Crisis comms processes, brand approvals, collateral production. More efficiencies and more time to focus on proactive work. Is everything as effective as it could be

Identify team skills & skill gaps to ensure projects are delivered with the right people. Identifying skills will allow cross-training opportunities and ultimately a way of up-skilling the team

Improvement - Need more regular forums with team to share work load such as a weekly status meeting with all level D's.
Support the roll out of new Target Zero Account plans - helping to clearly communicate how employees need to think, feel and react to the plans

Package up our sustainability offering into something that wins us work but allows us to gain some ground on the competition - translation onto amey.co.uk within branding and social value impact

Support the branding and roll out of AmeyInSociety.org & help to build a bank of case studies and proof points
Create a Brand architecture which packages and aligns:
the brand USP - are we comfortable with what it is?
Employer Value proposition
key market propositions
Sustainability offering
Social Value Legacy

Need to use the above to build a 3 year brand strategy that which considers:
Which strategy to adopt - family brand, sub-branding, solo brands
How to bring the Employer Brand to life
International brand strategy
Formalisation of JV and acquisition strateg
Supplier brand strategy - leveraging brand awareness
Overhauls the initiative brands & campaigns'. Reviewing yearly activities and identifying what core initatives need identities and support.pre-planning!,
Aligns internal branding and key messages throughout the organisation

Deliver and implement an online comms strategy which Improves amey.co.uk and defines how we can use social media (customer service and managing corporate reputation for us). If we don't start showing how we can work with it we will start to fall behind in bids. Need to understand how serious a requirement it is. BUT we need the brand and messaging in place before we do this.

Gain some control and unity of where and how we are being seen / talked about - working with the CBU team to align external output across marketing and bidding - improving bid presentation, centralising client endorsements and case studies

Improve the quality and utilisation of client endorsements for use in bidding and towards a referral marketing plan

The Press office needs to be prepared - at the moment we chase our tails getting approvals on comments. We need to prepare for as much as possible.

Oversee a full reputation risk assessment -highlighting areas of risk, preemptive plan and response strategies for existing and emerging markets. In order to raise our reputation we need to 1) know what it currently is with the audiences 2) understand where we want to go and 3) understand how who we can get there

Value - add. Directly supporting the key company objectives and in particular packaging up as much as possible to help us win bids

Demonstrating ROI for the communications we deliver, measurement and evaluation tools are critical - and measuring specifics

Getting everything in shape for a potential M&A - be clear about what we are and where the fit will be

Have a focused & realistic expectation of where the biggest ROI can be achieved - Quick wins for 2013 v's longer term wins that we can build on. Customer Satisfaction Understand current client perceptions and insights to ascertain reputation

Implement direct client comms channels within existing contracts to promote the good work Amey do and proactively manage re-bin win themes

Package and demonstrate the social value added within existing contract deliverable Translate 'Make every £ count' into a key communication campaign with key messages for employees - Think, feel & do clear actions. To support the a culture change we will need to refresh and align the corporate values to help inspire & drive behavior.

Review all external spend within the team - consolidate and reduce spend with key Agencies to get economies of scale and ROI. Utilise CBU resource where possible to reduce need to outsource

Ensure all communication plans have clear measurement and evaluation and demonstrate ROI

Conduct a channel review to measure the effectiveness of delivery. Consider multichannel management to drive effectiveness

Ensure we have a documented crisis comms plan which needs to be aligned with our key messages. Questions?
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