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Zach needs a Thumb Drive.

I need this because... It can help me with school. It can help me to become more like you. I just want it.

MacKenzie Sprout

on 23 March 2010

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Transcript of Zach needs a Thumb Drive.

Welcome Dad!!
I need a thumb drive because...
You have tons that you can give to me.
I love you and thats a great reason.
You are the best dad ever!
You had me as a baby and im a great child and always have been.

Okay now seriously...that was just a joke lol....
I need one cause....

well watch this video.
other reasons...
If I was at someone elses house I would be able to locate my saved items better.
I would be able to work at home for projects instead of just at school and rushing PS: you are probably thinking that why can't I just use my h:drive well I can only use that on your computer....on the thumb drive I can do it on both.
If we have partners at school and I need to transfer it over on my h:drive this would be an easy shortcut.
welcome dad!!
I need one because.....

I love you and thats should be good!
I need one!
I lost this thing

Okay...I was just joking lol :)
i need this because...

well watch this video
-if I go to a friends house and need something off their computer then i can use my thumb drive
-if i am working on a project and we have partners andthey have it on there h:/. if i have towork on it at home then i would be able to put it on my thumb drive
-another reason is that this would be a shortcut to anything that can be put on my h:/
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