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Sunshine Nation

on 6 August 2010

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Prissillya Mienata SWOT Analysis JK....... Problems and Recommendations Lack of Consequences Root Cause No consequences towards behaviour Secondary Cause No Sense of Expectancy Theory Explicit Problem Sinclair lacks experience Minor Issue Lack of job-matching (incompetence) Root Cause establish and implement new work policies and consequences (e.g. zero tolerance policies, probation, demotion, termination) no ABC consequences of behaviour Secondary Cause no sense of Expectancy Theory Feedback & reward systems to accurately measure & motivate performance

*Anonymous surveys/multi-source feedback
*Performance & competency based rewards

Explicit Problem Sinclair lacks experience Demote him to retail worker to gain experience Lack of job-matching (incompetence) R e c o m m e n d a t i o n s Minor Issue Mandatory additional training for staff! MARS MODEL Motivation - Sinclair & other staff doesn’t have persistence, intensity & direction in accomplishing his goals & tasks at work - other employees like Bowman are frustrated because she had to complete his duties and his responsibilities - Marcus stated that Sinclair “is completely useless …has no time management skills or concept on how to schedule landscaping jobs in a time-effective manner.” - the owner claimed that Sinclair was doing a “superb job” (so Sinclair has no reason to be motivated) Ability - Sinclair does not have the ability to excel in completing his tasks - Impossible for him to be able to succeed as a landscaping manager w/o training because his previous job was as a dispatcher at a local towing company - not accurately quoting jobs for customers (unsure which materials are used) - customers inaccurately charged -incapable of answering customer questions and complaints (he avoids them instead) Role Perception (undefined) - Sinclair is inexperienced, unqualified and doesn’t know his responsibilities within the company -Sinclair has no clear role perception of his job duties that are expected of him as a landscaping manager -Employees do not understand what roles to perform because of Sinclair’s inability to communicate - Leads to the misunderstanding of tasks to perform, the relative importance of the tasks and preferred behaviours to accomplish the tasks - Causes other employees such as Janice Bowman to be frustrated and dissatisfied because she has to take over Sinclair’s role Situational Factors - Sinclair’s poor managerial capability creates an environment where employees feel that performing unethical actions is tolerable - Results in a decrease in revenue and increase inventory losses - No formal appraisal system to reward employees - Behaviour changes in employees due to constant customer complaints - No defined job responsibilities The Garden Depot Case By: Sunshine Nation Rebecca Wang Nathan Chiu Jen Tung Prissillya Mienata Incompetence Root Cause - Lack of workers ability required to complete their tasks Secondary Causes - Sinclair's incompetence and poor leadership -Sinclair's lack of managerial efforts Explicit Problems “Sinclair ‘s leadership on staff morale” “Sinclair never expressed as much concern as Bowman when Bowman mentions that Strong may be stealing / being dishonest with the company” “Campbell never approached Bowman with any questions (with the invoices)” Minor Issue - Employees do not have expectations for themselves because no one set any guidelines for them Symptoms “Strong being dishonest recording his time cards and potentially stealing goods from the company” “John Campbell, a part-time student landscaper at the computer entering new invoices” “he was not sure how to do them.” Recommendations - Demote Sinclair so he can gain more experience - Have company gatherings once in a while and just to go out and have fun to relieve stressors / make employees feel more important to company, thus promoting loyalty and preventing stealing - Have more strict rules and consequences and not let stealing just slide Symptoms "large number of customer complaints" “unable to answer specific customer questions” “avoids phones altogether” “Sinclair was not accurately quoting jobs…unsure which materials would have to be used” “no prior experience in the retail, construction or landscaping environments, and he had no previous management experience.” The End V(-^o^-)V Recommendations - Ensure employee engagement by increasing communication within the company - Hold training programs (workshops) to increase quality standards for existing employees so that they will have a clear understanding of their roles and which tasks to perform in the company - Keep employees motivated through a reward system so that they become emotionally attached to the company so that they are more willing to excel in their tasks - Start hiring new employees that already have the skills and qualifications needed for certain roles - Have a feedback or suggestion box for both employees and customers to give their thoughts/concerns on the company - Establish & implement work policies & consequences (e.g. zero tolerance policies, probation, demotion, termination) - Feedback & reward systems to accurately measure & motivate performance Anonymous surveys/multi-source feedback Performance & competency based rewards - Demote Sinclair to retail worker to gain experience - Mandatory additional training for present staff
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