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Circle 8 Bolgia 8

No description

Jake Czajkowski

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Circle 8 Bolgia 8

Modern Day
-large flames engulf and burn each sinner individually
-flames shaped like tougues to resemble the tongues used to facilitate their treachery
-separated like they separated their victims
-larger flames for Diomedes & Ulysses
Discussion Questions
1. What put Count Guido in this
2. Why are the souls covered in flames?
3. What actions did Ulysses and DIomedes commit?
4. Why are they in individually contained in flames?
5. Was it wrong for Ulysses to go on the voyage where he was killed ?
6. What is considered an evil counselor today?
Circle 8 Bolgia 8
No real monster for bolgia 8
Type of Sinners
The Evil Counsellors
- people who used their position to advise others to engage in fraud
Just Kidding
Ulysses & Diomedes
- condemned her for tricking
trojans with the famous Trojan Horse

Ulysses is lead sinner due to also being responsible for the death of Achilles and fall of Troy
Martin Bormann Dick Cheney
-forced to be alone in a constricting room that's on fire and repeatedly told they can exit safely, but when they try to leave it constricts the room even more and gets hotter
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