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book report

N Katelin

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of MONSTER HIGH 3

The Character
Takes place:
Lady Gaga's Concert and on a train they took to the concert.
Story Setting
Story Plot
"Monster High 3" is the place where teenage monsters go to school. The conflict is resolved when Frankiestein apologizes to her parents after her disobeying them and losing her trust. She learned to always obey her parents and always ask them before doing stuff and not being sneaky. The message or moral of the story is to never let you bad side get you into trouble.
Where There's A Wolf,
There's A Way

Monster High


By: Lissi Harrison
Katelin Nguyen
Period 4

(Pg. 29)
She loves going to concerts, she was at the lady Ga-Ga concert, her favorite singer.
"Frankie lifted her fingers and sparked to the beat."
She gets tired so easily, she ran so many blocks just to meet her friends at this place to talk.
(Pg. 9)
"Drained and aching from what seemed like hours of sprinting and hiding behind trees, Frankie flopped onto a stone couch in the underground hide out and surrendered to the weight of her eyelids."
(Pg .12)

She's violent, she was so mad at that girl she wanted to punch that girl so bad.
"If she had a single watt of energy, she would mummy wrap the royal rhymes with stitch so tight that her fake lashes would pop off."
She's a girly girl and loves fashion so bad that she signs up for a shoot for the magazine Teen Vouge.


"She instantly transferred her IPhone 4, black and green, Harajuku wallet; fierce and flawless make up case and Lady Gaga key chain, and bag of assorted salt water taffy in her back pack."
(Pg .18)

She's demanding, she will do anything to keep her wallet safe, it's like her wallet is her life.
"She pulled out her Merston High ID, and dropped it into the bag, "The wallet stays with me," she insisted.
"Meoww," Uncle Vlad mewed, "Feisty Stein has spoken."

night time, on October 13th, 2012
sad, dramatic, lonely, a little energetic, lively, and in the end happy.
(Pg. 152)
"If asked to describe the live recording of Lady Gaga's 'poker face,' Frankie would say smokey and sullen with burst of giddiness."
(Pg .108)
"His absences from school...dismissive text...heartless betrayal...denim blue eyes STOP! If only she had someone to talk to."
Frankie returns to school from the summer, finding that the internet at school is down and the principal tells everyone to leave for two weeks; going there seperate way, and she's alone.
Rising Action
Falling Action
Her parents decided that she was mature enough to stay at home by herself while they go on vacation. When they leave, she goes behind there backs and does something rebellious.
Frankie texts her friend Billy and ask if they're up for the Lady Gaga concert and they all go to the concert; basically putting there trust on the line.
When she goes to the concert and has a lot of fun; being front row, she got to touch her favorite celebrity's hand.
As she thought everything was going well, she gets a text from her parents saying that the flight was delayed and they're coming home tonight.
She got caught going behind her parents back, and all her trust is lost between her parents and her; she gets grounded and they take away her phone. And most of all, no more parties.
Her parents wanted her to be in accelerated classes but in the past, she didn't want to. But now she decided to make her parents happy so she can win her trust back by studying hard and not going to anymore parties.
Her parents forgave her after weeks, they saw how responsible she is now and she earned her trust back.
His black hair


infront of his dark eyes like sea grass.
: keep talking


(pg. 13)
, he grabbed fist- fulls of his own hair and pulled.
: to intensify
"Oh, quit your
and stick to the point."

(pg. 79)
: to cause to move in waves


(pg. 2)
: a guide book for travelers


(pg. 18)

"? Frankie asked.
: slight or superficial knowledge



(pg. 80)


of RAD supporters wore monster costumes.
I choose this song because it goes with my book Monster High 3.
They go to the Monster High School
and that this is the theme song to the T.V show Monster High.
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