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Vitiligo- Anatomy skin disorder project

No description

brielle wright

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Vitiligo- Anatomy skin disorder project

By: Kyle Davis & Brielle Wright Vitiligo Depigmentation on sections of the skin

white patches that appear on different parts of the body Symptoms of Vitiligo for example, the hands & legs These discolored patches can be found on any part of the body Causes of this disease Vitiligo occurs when melanin-forming cells (melanocytes) fail to produce melanin — the dark pigment in the epidermis that gives your skin its normal color. The involved patch of skin then becomes white. It isn't known why this occurs.

Doctors and scientists have theories as to what causes vitiligo. It may be due to an immune system disorder. Heredity may be a factor because there's an increased incidence of vitiligo in some families.

researchers suggest that people who have vitiligo should limit sun exposure Treatments & Cures depends on severity
topical steroid treatment, psoralen photochemotherapy (PUVA) on entire depigmentation
there is also surgery which is skin grafts & tattooing
vitilax pills (cost: 39.99)
Also an option of melancyte keratinocyte trransfer: minimum of 5,187 dollars. severe mild There are many possible cures and treatments because the cause is not known yet.
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