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No description

Daisy-rose Kaihau

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful place to be.
Where is Thailand located in the world
What does Thailand flag look like?
What currency is
use in Thailand.

By: Daisy-Rose
class: 4/5M

Do you know where is Thailand located in the world?
well i know,Thailand is located in the centre of mainland South East Asia
The flag of Thailand consists
of five horizontal stripes.
The top and bottom are
equal-sized red stripes,
the middle stripe is blue
which is lined above and
below by equal-sized white
What language is spoken by people who live in Thailand?
The currency of Thailand
is the Thai Baht. Baht
come in both coin and
banknote form. The size of
Thai currency, both coins and
bills increases with value
and varies in color.
What religion are most
Thai people?
The religion of Thailand
began in India.It was founded
by the indian prince who
became known as the Buddha
which means "Enlightened

What are some festival that are celebrated by Thai people?
In Thailand Thai people celebrate Songkran Songkran is an traditional Thai New Year.And also it known as the "Water splashing festival".
Thailand native animals
Thailand native animals are dog, tiger, and
also snakes
What is Thailand's national sport?
Thailand national sport is muya thai, which is Thailand's unique version of boxing. Also there is a sport called takraw, takraw is similar to vollyball.
Thailand people speak thier own language called thai.
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