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Bottled Water: More Harmful Than Good?

No description

Chelsea Seguin

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Bottled Water: More Harmful Than Good?

Bottled Water: More Harmful Than Good?? Agree Disagree The History of Bottled Water &
The Bottled Water Industry Ashley, Jena, Amanda and Chelsea's Cool Informative Presentation :) Any Questions? ????????
?????????? ?????????? ????
General Info History Article: A Brief History of Bottled Water Romans "In the 18th century Europe,
a spa movement began,
taking its cue from existing Roman Baths" Spa Movement Vittel Grande Source Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Major Companies Article: Water-Bottles Versus Faucets "The business moves 50 million dollars a year,
and Nestle, Pepsico, Coca-Cola and Danone companies
control the lion's share of the market." 20% U.S. population & 17.5% Canadian Dasani-Bromate Coca-Cola & Pepsi-Not worried Cultural Shift Stats on the Industry Article: Bottled Water Statistics Sale Statistics Non-sparkling "Imported water attained the
third consecutive year of double-digit volume
expansion, growing by 18.5% Desalination Article: Desalination,
For a World Short of Water 44% of the world's population Evaporation or reverse osmosis Worldwide desalination capacity "An investment of $10 billion
annually is necessary to halve the number of people without adequate access to fresh water and sanitation by 2015." New Types of Water Article: Everybody in the Water! Types Enhanced water Dr. David Robbins "Borba, a nutraceutical skin-care company, claims its water will make skin better hydrated, clearer and firmer in seven days." Convenience Article: Convenience Portability More Hygienic Marketable "This single factor alone makes it marketable
due to its convenience factor." Healthy Alternative Article: Drinking Water to Maintain Good Health Overall, it's healthier Regulates body temperature Helps oxygen transport into cells and the brain Helps remove waste from your body. "Water is the best choice." Helpful in Natural Disasters Articles: Bottled Water, Important During Natural Disasters & Fiji Water Donates Drinking Water to Haiti Earthquake Victims Poor drinking water Hurricane Katrina and IBWA Fiji water & Haiti FDA and the American Red Cross Society "Hurricane Katrina was a tremendous eye opener
for the government officials, emergency response professionals, communities and industry, alike. We saw how critical bottled water is for disaster stricken communities and the importance of a coordinated, effective response to get drinking water to people in need." Job Opportunities Article: Bottled Water Company to Create New Jobs in Smith Falls Production Aquablue International Smith Falls "Today, manufacturing plants are closing at an alarming rate. There isn't a day that goes by.. you read or hear the news, and you hear about another one. This is affecting towns and cities everwhere. We're very pleased today and excited to announce we're no longer a part of this trend of closures." We've put bottled water under the microscope for you. Now you must draw your own conclusion as to whether bottled water is more harmful than good. Bottled water: Under the microscope Pollution Environment Transportation Landfills Fossil Fuels "It causes 60 million plastic bottles A DAY to be manufactured, transported, and then disposed of in U.S. landfills. It's killing our planet, and for no good reason..."

-Eric Olsen,
Natural Resource Defence Coucil Plastic is Bad For You BPA Chemicals "Concentration of certain chemicals, such as antimony
increase the longer the water sits in plastic bottles.
Antimony is a white metallic element that, in small doses,
can cause nausea, dizziness and depression. In large doses
it can be fatal. Antimony is a similar chemical to lead.
It is also a potentially toxic trace element."

More Expensive Than Gasoline Money $$ Is it worth it? "Bottled water is often no healthier than tap water, but it can be 10,000 times more expensive."

-Emily Arnold, a researcher with the
Washington DC based nonprofit. Regulation Testing FDA Standards Contamination "The FDA standards for bottled water and the EPA standards for municipal (tap) water are similar,
but not identical. Municipal plants are subject to
more frequent testing and inspection and most report
tests results to the public."
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