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5 Ways to Use BYOD in Your Classroom

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Christina Chatel

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of 5 Ways to Use BYOD in Your Classroom

5 Ways to Use BYOD in Your Classroom
3. Socrative
To set up an account: http://www.socrative.com
Students login on their devices or iPads at
You login at http://www.t.socrative.com

5. Show Me App
On school iPads or go to the App Store and load Show Me
Exit Ticket
Go back to Socrative.

Please complete the Exit Ticket.

For question 4, tell me what you would like to learn about next time I offer professional development!
1. Create QR Codes to quickly get kids to websites
Easy to use:
More options:
How to use in your classroom
Anticipatory set/Warmup/Bell Ringer
Hear from introverts
Use in class discussion
Groups to report back to class
***See QR code for article about how to use in English classroom!
Big plus: Kids do NOT need to set up an account--they just need your room number. Students can share iPads--one student can hand it off to the next when s/he finishes a quiz.
***You always have the same room number!
How to use this in your classroom
How to use in the classroom
Different response types than Socrative
Questions can be read aloud (not just English!)
Can send them a drawing or a link
Quizzes can include photos
Students can skip questions or go back and correct answers
The Future of Education?
How to use in your classroom
Peer editing
Explain thinking behind process
React verbally to text
Read aloud
Annotate text/textbook
Grade essays with audio/visual
Copy to a Word Doc or just save and print!
Kids come in and scan code
Video or image links
Share projects, student videos, or PowerPoints
Scan the code and see if they got the answer right
How to use in your classroom
2. Today's Meet
"Imagine you're giving a presentation where you can read the mind of every person in the room. You'd have an amazing ability to adjust to your audience's needs and emotions. That's the
How could you use TodaysMeet in your classroom?
Enter your name and click
Then, answer the following question and click
when you are done.
You are limited to 140 characters!
Get a quick read on students' understanding
Give a quiz and download a report
Set the pace and see live results
Space Race quiz game
Exit Ticket
Room 34813
Thank you for coming!!!
Find me on Twitter
Similar to Socrative, but...
...Student enters room number and name
...Many more options!
Room 684637
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