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Burt's Bees to Walmart

No description

Samantha Twyman

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Burt's Bees to Walmart

Bob Brangle
Chloe Pridgeon
Gabriel Smith
Samantha Twyman

Burt's Bees to Wal-Mart
Burt's Bees Products
Marketing Plan
Business Proposition
Suggested Purchase Order
Impulse Buys Sell Best Through 3 Circumstances:
Product Type-Small Convenient Size
Product Placement- By the Cash Register
Product Promotion- Sales, Discounts

12 Count Display conveniently:
have the availability to hold 2 flavors
advertise the other Burt's Bees products

Product Promotion through Price Rollback
Show the MSRP price of $3.29 but continue to charge $2.97
Stimulates customer's need to purchase now in order to get the best deal possible
Wholesale Availability:
All of our lip balms are available
Two Display Options
36 Count Display
12 Count Display
Individual Refills
Costs and Potential Profit
Wholesale Price of $1.81
MSRP of $3.29
Mark Up of 45%
Profit of $1.48
Wal-Mart's Current Burt's Bees Pricing and Profit
Current Price: $2.97
Current Markup: 39%
Current Profit: $1.16
We Recommend:
2 12-Count Display Lip Balm Holders in each checkout aisle
Price and Profit for Our Recommendation
12-Count Displays Cost $21.72
Potential profit of $17.76
Current profit of $13.92
Each store in the Columbia, MO area has between 30-40 checkout lanes.
Cost per lane of $43.44
Cost per store of $1303.20
Potential Store Profit of $1065.60
Current Store Profit of $835.20
Recommendation Justification
Increase in impulse purchase of our product
The 2 sets of 12 allow for variety of flavors, increasing customer satisfaction
Greater profit than competition.
About Burt's Bees
Sales Objective
Wal-Mart recently co-hosted the Beauty and Personal Care Products Sustainability Summit
Priority chemicals and Transparency
Waste and Packaging
Consumer Behavior
9 ideas for action
Received important information from Consumers and Stakeholders
Call for collaboration and partnerships between retailers and suppliers
For Burt's Bees to gain lip balm distribution at checkout counters (in addition to regular placement) in Columbia, MO Wal-Mart stores.
13 Lip Balms
Original Beeswax Lip Balm
Variety of flavors

Do you have any Questions?
Thank you!
Mission: "We make people's lives better every day--naturally."
Competitive Advantage
Burt's Bees makes and markets lip balm, bath oils, soaps, and about 170 other personal care.
Natural ingredients such as beeswax, nut oils

30,000 health food and grocery stores located in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Recently Launched the "Eco-Fun Güd" in 2012 to bring Millennials on board

Clorox purchased Burt's Bees in 2007, which helped improve the overall company's image
Forefront of the natural personal care industry
Brought possibilities for exploration of global expansion into international markets
Increased sales potential and growth.
To stay connected with our founder's values the "Greater Good" was established in 2007
Good for us, good for you, good for all
Quoted from the Beauty and Personal Care Products Sustainability Summit Summary Report
Our Collaborative Goal
Competitive Advantage of Wal-Mart
Competitive Advantage of Target
Competitive Analysis of Burt's Bees and Competitors
Burt's Bees
All Natural, 150 products 100% have all natural ingredients
20 have 99%, but strives to eliminate synthetic material with all natural resources
No product is below 95% natural
Most recognizable leader in all natural lip balm
Since being owned by Chlorox, there is a larger ability to expand and market to others

EOS (Evolution of Smooth)
95% All Natural
Newer Product, founded in 2006
Hand Lotions, Lip Balms, Shaving Cream, Body Lotion
No sustainability goals currently
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