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Week 3: Objective 3: Learning Styles and Strategies

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Kathy Tassier

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Week 3: Objective 3: Learning Styles and Strategies

Week 1: Objective 1: Importance of a Syllabus

Week 2: Objective 2: Time Management and Organizational Skills

Week 3: Objective 3: Learning Styles and Strategies

Week 4: Objective 4: Textbook Reading

Week 5: Objective 5: Note Taking

Week 6: Objective 6: Writing a Summary

Week 7: Objective 7: Test Taking

Week 8: Objective 8: Using Technology Skills

ED 101

Let's take a look at what we have.....

What is working?
How do we know?
What is not working?
How do we know?

Online vs. On campus
•Course Syllabus
•Handout: “What is a Syllabus and Why Should I Care?”
•Handout: “Sample: Written Assignment Format”
Video: Pause the video to take notes.
View as many times as needed.
•“Syllabus Basics 1: Course Guidelines”
1. Syllabus:
Reread the course syllabus for ED101 Study Skills and use it to complete the quiz.
2. Syllabus Quiz:
Complete the syllabus quiz. The quiz is a short-answer quiz, which allows one attempt only.
You can view your grade in Moodle after the quiz closes on Sunday at Midnight.
3. Statement of Understanding of the Syllabus:
Indicate that you understand the syllabus by clicking the “Yes” button.
If you do not understand the syllabus, send your questions to me via Email before responding to the statement of understanding.
DUE: Sunday at Midnight
Objective 1:
1. Read the handout,
“What is a Syllabus and Why Should I Care?”
2. Use the advance organizer for “What is a Syllabus and Why Should I Care?” to take notes as you read the handout.
This is a study tool to help you to organize information for your assessment.
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