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Mary Kay Cosmetics

No description

Stefanie Chiu

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay started at 1963.
one of the oldest network marketing company.
Sold in more than 35 markets worldwide
Achieved $3 billion in wholesale sales worldwide.
PR Situations
1. Ineffective social media communication
2. Unattractive website
3. Singular selling method
4. Lack of event participation and sponsoring
Company's PR Subsequent actions
1. More active use of social media and increase media coverage.
2. Update and maintain latest news on their website and various media platforms.
3. Participate more fashion-beauty events
4. Giveaway samples for trail
Media Coverage
1. Adopt a more diverse selling method
for example: retailing
higher exposure to the public
receive direct feedback and communication
Identified 4 PR situations:
1. ineffective social media
2. unattractive websites
3. singular selling method
4. lack of event participation and sponsoring
Founder of the company
One of the most successful female entrepreneurs.
Mary Kay Ash
Retired from her previous job and started Mary Kay in 1963.
Golden rule: allow women to advance by helping others to succeed.
Mary Kay Cosmetics Australia and New Zealand
Mary Kay Australia started in 1971.
Mary Kay New Zealand started in 1991.
1. Ineffective social media communications
Other social media (e.g. instagram, twitter)
2. Unattractive Website
3. Singular sales method
- adopt direct selling
purchase through a beauty consultant
no retail stores sale their products
possibility of receiving negative feedback.
Frames of PR situations
low public recognition about the brand.
Challenges: competition is high within the industry.

4. Lack of event participation and sponsoring
-not many events held in general
-rarely participated in or sponsoring any huge events
2. Promotion through various platforms
e.g. YouTube (Internet sales) ; advertising in more magazines; sponsoring to celebrities
raises public attention on their products and the company
3. Cross-over products
e.g. themes, movies etc.
stimulate sales
fit in different cultures
4. Discount promotion
e.g. student discount, mothers' day
show care to the society --> better company image
allow more consumers to try their products with lower prices
5. Join various fashion-beauty events
e.g. Sydney fashion Week
Suggested 5 recommendations:
1. Adopt a more diverse selling method
2. Promotion through various platforms
3. Cross-over products
4. Discount promotion
5. Join various fashion-beauty events

Discussion Questions
1. Would you rather stick to your company's principles or take a threat to negative image?

2. As a PR, to what extent do you think your company have enough media coverage?
improvement on media coverage in gaining public attention.
low awareness of the company and the brand
Impact: less motivated to consume; low company transparency.
Impact: single out passive consumers; negative image to the company.
Impact: less competitive in the industry; low exposure
Thank You!
Official website

TV advertisement

inactive public motivation
low company transparency
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