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Aboriginal Art and its meaning

No description

Caitlin Fanning

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Aboriginal Art and its meaning

Visual Art consists of art on the human body, rocks, caves, sticks, bark, shells, pearls, hardened bees wax, etc.
Visual Art provides a medium in which aboriginal people can express spiritual reality.
Musical tells the stories of the dreaming so they can be passed down through generations.
Dance Traditions
Dance provides a way in which aboriginal can express their history without having to orally communicate it.
Can be Music, songs, and words/stories. Gives the Aboriginal people a way to pass down their history and origins through every generation.
Aboriginal Art and its meaning
Ngapa Jukurrpa
Is a painting of a watercourse west of Yuendumu, it is a dreaming site and feature in more than 3 dreaming tracks
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